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Pune: A Celebration of Writing and Reading at DAV Public School Literary Conclave

The APJ Abdul Kalam auditorium in Pashan, a suburb of Pune, was packed with students, alumni, teachers, principals of various schools and authors as DAV public school celebrated the written word during of a literary conclave at the beginning of the month.

At the heart of the conclave led by CV Madhavi, Principal of DAV Public School in Pune, were panel discussions titled “Language and Literature: Access to Success” and “Language and Literature: Infrastructure and Partnership”. A third session highlighted the experiences of authors Salil Desai, Rohini Sathe and Ratna Chandu and their different approaches to storytelling. A fourth panel, which included students, parents and teachers, focused on a new book, “Let Them Fly,” by Dr. Nisha Peshin, Director of Public Schools for the DAV College Managing Committee.

One of his stories involved a child who paints an apple brown despite being told the fruit is red – a reminder that adults, especially teachers, should “keep a broad view when dealing with students and allow them to develop in their own way”. “There is too much regimentation in schools, where teachers still ask students to ‘shut up’. I felt I could use the form of the story to create a change in the thought processes of teachers and parents,” Peshin said.

Can writing be a viable career option? Panelists who discussed “Language and Literature: Access to Success” explored this from several angles, highlighting the importance of regional languages ​​as well as the challenges of getting published. “Being a writer is tough but extremely rewarding,” said writer Deepak Dalal.

An important concern that emerged during the following round table, “Language and Literature: Infrastructure and Partnership”, concerned libraries in schools. The panel, which included author Aditya Nighot and Savita Travis, principal of Pratibha International School, agreed that every school should discuss the library early, before the digital world takes over children’s lives.

The program demonstrated that literature also includes the arts. The evening included a prayer dance, musical performances, and a fusion band concert by the school’s alumni, among others.

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