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Puducherry CM urges PM to establish education and culture center to fulfill Sri Aurobindo’s dream – The New Indian Express


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PUDUCHERRY: Chief Minister N Rangasamy urged the Center to establish an International Center for Education and Culture in Pondicherry to fulfill Sri Aurobindo’s dream on the occasion of his 150th birthday celebrations.

The Chief Minister, a member of the high-level committee set up under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister for the celebration, while attending the first committee meeting on Friday said that with India’s emergence as a nation independent in 1947, Sri Aurobindo wanted to see Pondicherry develop as an international center of education and culture.

Sri Aurobindo’s education went far beyond the usual practice of confining students to a restricted academic curriculum and he promoted the development of the total personality of man in all its parts, Rangasamy said, adding that it would be appropriate for students and teachers to familiarize themselves with this aspect of its contribution to national life. The government of Pondicherry wishes to organize programs to meet this need.

In addition, the Sahitya Academy could be tasked with organizing national and international seminars on Sri Aurobindo’s work in all states and UTs, Rangasamy suggested.

Sri Aurobindo has explored in depth the rich diversity of Indian culture and his writings are full of insight into the deep side of Indian culture, its literature, art and all other aspects of our heritage. At a time when colonialism was not only a reality but also an inevitable structure for world governance, it had spread the message of the nation’s inalienable right to be free. In fact, for him, India’s political freedom was only a step towards greater freedom allowing the nation to evolve its own institutions expressing the innate genius of its people. The government of Pondicherry is keen to organize several cultural events demonstrating the rich diversity of India and its culture, Rangasamy said.

Given the historical significance of Sri Aurobindo’s life, the government of Pondicherry wishes to organize a pictorial exhibition based on the theme of the life of Shri Aurobindo and the role he played in shaping the events of the first decade. of the last century.

The government of Pondicherry wishes to organize various programs, including lectures and scholarly discussions on the close association of the great Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi and Sri Aurobindo. Pondicherry was also a place of refuge for several people who were struggling against colonial rule, including Bharathi who was in close contact with Sri Aurobindo, the chief minister said.

Faithful to the deep spiritual traditions of India, Sri Aurobindo was a person who always advocated openness and openness. While fighting against colonialism, he also dreamed of a better world in which the ideal of human unity would be manifested. Indeed, addressing the specific case of Pondicherry, with Pondicherry’s freedom to reunite with mother India, he also proposed that there be greater cooperation with France and also with the rest of the world in the field of advancement of knowledge and learning. The Pondicherry government wishes to encourage and support academics and researchers who come to Union territory to study Indian culture and traditions, Rangasamy said.

Stating that the ideals advanced by Sri Aurobindo could have a profound effect on the development of the total personality of the child during the growing years, he said that the government of Pondicherry is planning to hold an essay writing competition. by students and children on themes related to Sri Aurobindo’s vision as this would encourage children to become familiar with his original works.

Lieutenant Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan also participated in the meeting which was held by video conference.

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