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Professor Arun Kumar Jha Receives World Literature Teacher Prize

New Delhi, 8.09.2022

“Constituent scholars played the role of teachers in nation-building while defining independent India as ‘this is Bharat’ in the very first words of the Constitution, thus binding the country to its status, values , his traditional Vishwa-Guru ideals and mores, from ‘Saptarshis’ to our own days of worldviews of Vivekanand, Tagore and Gandhi,” said Arun Kumar Jha, Supreme Court Attorney and former University Professor of Delhi, while receiving the Global Literature Teacher Award -22 in New Delhi today.

The prestigious award was presented to Professor Jha for having significantly advanced the cause of creative literature, during the celebration of the internationally renowned British Lingua National Teachers’ Day, by its founder and MD, Dr Birbal Jha, who was recently voted the 5th best self-help author in the world. .

Professor Jha who taught for forty-four years in the Department of English at Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi is also a renowned jurist-poet who composed the world’s first poetic treatises on Constitution, Law and Governance in English and Hindi which won him the World Poetry. Award-22 for innovation of unique poetic skills and expertise in English literature.

Professor Jha, in his congratulatory speech before the large gathering of students, teachers, journalists and other distinguished guests, urged the teaching community across the country to present all priorities and preferences united and to contribute to nation-building along the lines of visionary world teachers like the ancient Saptarshis down to Vivekanand, Tagore and Gandhi.

India is not just a vast land for the compatriots, but our ancient sacred native land, our homeland, our homeland inherited from the first ancient man who nurtures and nurtures us with his crops, his vegetables, his fruits, his natural riches and variable seasons,” Professor Jha added while praising the active role of rich ancient literature in building the modern nation.

Recalling Vivekanand’s role as a model teacher while speaking on behalf of the world’s oldest order of monks in his 1893 address in Chicago, Prof. Jha went on at length about his details of India’s contribution to literature, philosophy, yoga, mathematics, the richest sciences and giving teachers like Buddha and Mahavir. in the world.

Dr Birbal Jha, in his closing remarks while honoring a host of distinguished teachers and journalists with the distribution of appropriate awards to each of those present, praised their invaluable role in the excellent self-taught achievements of British Lingua over the past thirty years in nation building.

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