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Prime Minister Modi has changed the culture of politics in India, says JP Nadda

Crediting Narendra Modi for the BJP’s victory in four Assembly elections, BJP leader JP Nadda said on Thursday that the overwhelming support of the people for the party showed their approval of the prime minister’s plans and policies.

Addressing BJP workers from party headquarters here, Nadda credited the prime minister with “changing” the political culture in India, saying elections are now being held on the basis of “ballot politics”.

“Today the election results came unilaterally in favor of the BJP, you all came in such large numbers in the order of its victory march. On behalf of crores of BJP workers, I welcome and congratulate the Prime Minister,” said Nada.

“In Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi was blessed for the fourth consecutive time – 2014 Lok Sabha, 2017 Vidhan Sabha, 2019 Lok Sabha and now in the 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections,” the BJP chairman said.

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Pointing out that there are many firsts in the election results, Nadda said it was the first time in 37 years in Uttar Pradesh that a party formed the government after serving its term, and that the BJP’s vote share also increased.

Similarly in Uttarakhand, since the establishment of the state, governments have changed with each election. But this time the state voted for a party to continue for the first time in state history, Nadda said.

In Manipur, he said, the party is about to form a government with a clear majority, and in Goa it will form the government for the third time.

Praising Modi, Nadda said the prime minister had ushered in a policy of “school report, development and people’s empowerment, replacing the policy of nepotism, corruption, crime, caste, communalism and of regionalism”.

“Prime Minister Modi has changed the political culture in India. Now elections are held on the basis of a report card,” he said.

Stating that elections are not purely arithmetic, Nadda said it was more about chemistry.

“India’s poor and needy, women, youth, backward classes are all strengthening their chemistry with Prime Minister Modi,” he said.

He also praised Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for bringing what he described as the rule of law to the state and said fear reigned five years ago, terrorists and criminals being patronized by the previous dispensation.

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