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Preparing for the Toronto Carnival; as well as pop culture news

The latest NOW What covers the outcry over Freshii’s outsourced labor and pop culture news featuring Olivia Wilde and Vin Diesel; plus star guests The Wire creator David Simon and This House manager Miryam Charles

This weekend, NOW What covers a lot of ground, so we have reinforcements to think through all of that. Cultural writer Stephanie Hinds — a repeat offender on the podcast, especially when we’re covering all the Caribbean — joins in to discuss the latest in local and pop culture. This includes Freshii installing digital cashiers connecting Canadian customers to a low-wage employee in Nicaragua and Jason Sudeikis employing attorneys who sign custody papers to Olivia Wilde in one of the craziest ways imaginable.

Plus, we have interviews with The Wire creator David Simon discussing his new series We Own This City, and Quebec filmmaker Miryam Charles, who premieres her hauntingly beautiful feature debut, This House, at Hot Docs. MovieFestival.

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or playable directly below. Go ahead for all topics and chapter breakdowns.

(1:20) Elon Musk and Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is tired of owning Twitter, so instead he’s about to own Twitter.

(7:50) Freshii and Nicaragua

Canadian salad chain Freshii is introducing “Percy”, a digital cashier at its restaurants connecting customers to an employee in Nicaragua who earns around $3.75 an hour.

(13:05) Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Actress and director Olivia Wilde was served with custody papers from her ex, Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis while on stage in front of movie exhibitors and the press. Wilde was previewing her new movie Don’t Worry Darling, which stars her current boyfriend Harry Styles, when a woman appeared on stage and handed him a mysterious brown paper envelope containing what sources say are the papers of guard.

(19:15) Justin Lin brakes on Fast X and Vin Diesel

From custody battles to breakups. Director Justin Lin who directed more than half of the Fast and Furious movies (the best ones really) has left Fast X after 10 days of production.

(27:52) From social bubbles to bubble wine at the Toronto Carnival

Steph has picked out her costume and, like so many others who are done with the coronavirus, is ready to play mas. But many who haven’t caught COVID-19 yet aren’t ready to sting, even if they’ve had their shot.

(39:50) Featured Interview

Wire creator David Simon discusses his new series We Own This City, what has changed since #BlackLivesMatters, where he opposes defunding the police and how crime statistics are manipulated to advance political agendas.

(1:05:45) Hot Docs Interview

Quebec filmmaker Miryam Charles tells us how she found her voice and worked through pain, loss and the tenuous relationship at home in her breathtaking debut feature This House.



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