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Prafulla Kar’s experiences with ‘Onglish’ music and literature, Odissi; Check his popular songs

Bhubaneswar: Long before Bollywood came out ‘Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain I love you’Legendary musician, lyricist and singer Prafulla Kar had already started the ‘Onglish’ trend in Ollywood, mixing English and Odia words into songs that became chartbusters.

In ‘Mu Ta Manisha Marini’ from the movie ‘Mamata’, Kar used English, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi and Urdu. Fans were treated to “Onglish” again in “You Hasining, I’m Pashining” in ‘Gul Guli Gul Guli’ from the movie ‘Sindura Bindou’. These films were released in 1975 and 1977 respectively, years before star Amitabh Bachchan Khud Daarreleased in 1982, said film critic Surya Deo Odisha bytes.

Check the songs here

Kar has never been shy about experimenting with music.

He experimented with the music of Odissi in ‘Manika Alo Alo Manika’ in the movie ‘Shesha Shrabana’released in 1976. It also removed the usual recitation pattern from the ‘Bhagabata’ in ‘Bandhu Mohanty’.

Kar also had the ability to turn literature into music. For example, ‘Re Atman Nidra Pahari’ from the movie “Mamata” (1975) is actually taken from the work of Madhusudan Rao.

Encouraged, he continued this by ‘Balidan’, in which Ramakrushna Nanda ‘Ahe Dayamaya Biswa Bihari’ takes on a musical form and earns rave reviews. He tried again in the movie ‘Rama Balarama’ (1980) with song ‘Akhila Brahmanda Pati’.

In 1978, Kar won Best Playback Singer for “Balidan” while the Critic Circle of India awarded him the Best Music Director award for ‘Ramayana’ in 1980.

The musician, singer, lyricist, writer and columnist also recorded ‘Odia Bhagabat’ (HMV), ‘Odia Chhanda’ (Odissi Research Center), ‘Kruntanjali’ (an album featuring visually impaired singers from Odisha), an album of patriotic songs written by prominent freedom fighters from Odisha and a collection of ‘Gita Govind’ by Jayadev rendered by Vani Jairam.

‘Prabhukrupa’, a devotional music album by Kar recorded in the voice of Anuradha Paudwal under T-Series, has sold over 10 lakh cassettes. Kar has also composed music for dance drama, ballet and Odissi music.

Kar’s songs have enriched over 70 Odia films over six decades. Be it Rupa Heithiba Labanyabati, Kamala Desha Rajakumara, Mo Priya Tharu Kie Adhika Sundar or Re Atman Nidra Pariharihis melodious compositions have captivated millions of music lovers for generations.

His death drew the curtains of an era and left a void in Odisha’s film industry.

Here are some of his other popular songs:

Song: Rupa Hoithiba Labanyabati…
Movie: Puja Phoola
Singer: Chitta Ranjan Jena
Words and music: Prafulla Kar

Song: Nei Jaa Re Megha Mote…
Movie: Balidan
Singer: S. Janaki
Music: Prafulla Kar

Song: Maajhi Re…
Movie: Sesha Shrabana
Singer: Pranab Patnaik
Music: Prafulla Kar

Song: Mo Priya Tharu…
Movie: Sindura Bindu
Singer: Chittaranjan Jena
Words and music: Prafulla Kar

Song: Megha Barasila Tupuru Tupuru…
Movie: Sesha Shrabana
Singer: Vani Jairam
Music: Prafulla Kar

Song: A Phula Kaha Thare…
Movie: Puja Phula
Singer: Anuradha Paudwal
Music: Prafulla Kar

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