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Popular movements will defeat the BJP in 2024: SKM leaders

September 6 meeting of peasant movement will determine its future course, says Rakesh Tikait

September 6 meeting of peasant movement will determine its future course, says Rakesh Tikait

Warning the Center that the 2020-21 farmers’ protests were just a teaser, Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) activists said here on Monday that the real movie would begin if the Center backtracked on promises made to farmers at the time. to suspend unrest in December 2021.

Speaking on the future of the farmers’ movement at a seminar organized by P Sundarayya Memorial Trust at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, senior SKM official Darshan Pal said politically important months are ahead and that the political benefits of farmers’ struggles will be reflected in the upcoming National Elections and General Elections in 2024. “We will remain a united force. The popular movement will defeat the BJP. We will resolve any differences between SKMs,” Dr. Pal said.

SKM leader Rakesh Tikait said the next stage of the movement will start from Bihar which will be to protect farmers’ right to markets and get proper prices for what they produce. The next meeting of the SKM, scheduled for September 6, will decide the future direction of the movement, he added.

Fight the common enemy

All India Kisan Sabha Chairman Ashok Dhawale said the Center works for big corporations and farmers have realized that these corporations are their real enemies.

“If these three farm laws had not been repealed, the minimum support price (MSP) and purchases would have already ended. The public distribution system may also have shut down, jeopardizing food security. If enacted, the Electricity (Amendment) Bill will result in a four to five-fold increase in household electricity bills. It is led to privatize the electricity sector. The four labor codes are dangerous for workers,” said Dr Dhawale, adding that the future of the struggle will be led by peasants and workers together.

His book, When the farmers got upwas also published during the seminar.

Mr. Tikait said that 23 crops now benefit from the MSP and that it should be extended to fruit, eggs, milk and these products. “The Center wants big business to do agriculture. They hand it over to big business. This is a scheme to acquire land from farmers. Their only motive is to grab land from farmers. We will defeat it,” he said. He alleged that the government was trying to break up farmers’ organizations, adding that he was afraid of such moves.

CITU General Secretary Tapan Sen said the farmers’ protests had also provided immense energy and confidence to the labor movements. “The corporate class tries to exploit ordinary people. We must write our own future. The producing class rules the country. Now they are fighting against the common enemy – the corporate class and a government that protects corporate interests,” Sen said.

Gathering and memorandum

Samyukt Kisan Morcha (apolitical), a splinter group from the SKM, held a massive rally at Jantar Mantar and submitted a memorandum to President Draupadi Murmu, urging him to lead the Center to deliver on promises made to farmers.

Its leaders said farmers had stopped the unrest in 2021 based on promises made by the Center, but the government has yet to deliver on its promises. “Not only that, the government is initiating more anti-farmer policies like negotiating free trade agreements,” they said and urged her to advise the Council of Ministers to engage in a discussion with farmers as soon as possible. as possible.

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