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PM Modi in Japan: ‘People first, governance model behind growing confidence in Indian democracy’

“No matter how big the challenge, India will find a way forward,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the Indian diaspora at a community program in Tokyo on Monday. “Even during one of the biggest crises of the last 100 years in the form of COVID, India has been helping people across the world,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Modi pointed out that “Atmanirbharata” or self-reliance is not only an Indian concept but also a solution to global supply chain management. He also hailed India‘s “inclusive” democracy, pointing out that more women voted than men in recent elections. Modi highlighted how the people’s governance model in India makes India’s delivery more efficient and, in turn, strengthens and restores people’s confidence in democracy in the country.

Modi also highlighted India’s growing digital prowess and highlighted how the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) program has come to the rescue of people in remote corners of the country. He also said that India accounts for over 40% of digital transactions globally.

While urging the Indian Diaspora to engage more closely with the country, Prime Minister Modi said, “We Indians cling to our ‘Karmbhoomi’ with all our hearts, but love for our homeland does not never goes away. We cannot stay away from our homeland. This is one of our greatest strengths”.

Prime Minister Modi further said that India’s post-COVID vaccine and medicine progress has set an example for the world to follow.

While hailing the bilateral Indo-Japanese relations and appreciating Japan’s vital hand in India’s development journey, Prime Minister Modi said, “India and Japan are natural partners. Japan has played an important role in India’s development journey. Our relationship with Japan is one of intimacy, spirituality, cooperation and belonging. “Today, the world realizes the speed and scale at which India is increasing its infrastructure and building its capacity. Japan is an important partner in building this capacity of ours,” Prime Minister Modi said while highlighting several Indo-Japanese projects such as the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail, the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor or the dedicated freight corridor.

During his address, the Prime Minister also made an offer to sell India’s soft power by highlighting how the two countries are bound by the ideals of Buddha. “We were blessed with the blessings of Lord Gautam Buddha. India has been of service to humanity, especially in times of COVID,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Tokyo for the Quad Summit. Earlier, PM Modi interacted with business leaders in Japan, including SoftBank Group founder Masayoshi Son.

“Topics discussed include India’s progress in the startup world, opportunities in research, technology and ways to strengthen investment ties,” PM Modi tweeted.

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