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Playing a character from a certain culture or sect is a big responsibility: Salman Khan

ACTOR SALMAN Khan, who plays a Sikh policeman in his upcoming film, Antim: The Final Truth, said on Wednesday that playing a character from a certain culture and sect is a big moral responsibility. He was speaking during a media interaction in Pune on Wednesday.

Antim: The Final Truth, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, is set to hit theaters on November 26 and also stars actor-in-law Aayush Sharma and female lead Mahima Makwana.

“When you play as a person of any culture, any sect, you have to be very careful. You don’t want to hurt anyone. You can’t laugh at them or put them down. You still have to make them look like gods and that’s what I did even playing a character of Haryanvi in ​​Sultan…. Ye humara Sardar hai pai..that’s who we are. I don’t like it when inside Bigg Boss people sometimes go “principal Punjab se hu, mai Haryana se hu, principal Gujarat se hu… idhar kya batwara kar rahe ho, hindustani ho, ye idhar mat karo ye “. (I am from Punjab, I am from Haryana, I am from Gujarat… Don’t do that here, you are Indians) ”, he declared.

Antim: The Final Truth, draws its inspiration from the 2018 Marathi crime drama Mulshi Pattern.

Salman, however, explains that while he liked the plot of Mulshi Pattern after watching it, Antim isn’t really “a remake.”

“I liked the plot of Mulshi Pattern by Pravin Tarde. I had discussed it with him… but his film was through Rahuliya, my film is through the cop and his journey. Basically two people went through the same thing but one became a gangster while the other became a cop, ”he said.

Unlike his previous police-based films, Antim features a cop with no romantic angles, nor the larger-than-life song sequences. Salman explains that the goal was not to dilute the character of Rajveer Singh.

“The character of Rajveer Singh is so strong that a heroine or a song would have diluted it. That’s why we kept him as a simple solo man. We shot a few scenes but it didn’t go well with the character. The romance, the song with my character could have brought us money as well as appreciation… even my father suggested that my character was fine solo… There is a glaring difference between the police characters that I have. have played like Chulbul Pandey in the past. Mahesh had guaranteed me that this would be one of my best characters and I agree. There is no screaming, no screaming, just a calm, hard working policeman, ”he said.

Although the trailer promises audiences an action-packed film with eye-catching dialogue, Salman said it was just a fact. Commenting on one of his lines “Agar Sardar ke hategi toh sabki fategi” he said: “There is no punchline… that’s a fact… Now Sholay’s dialogue kit admits… He poses a question… these are all questions and answers .., ”.

Recalling his relationship with Pune, Salman said he often frequents the city to visit his maternal aunt. He also shared his memories of days gone by when he cycled six to seven hours from Mumbai with his friends.

“When I was young, I rode my bike to Pune. Lots of older boys had their vehicles, but I was still on my bike. I used to do wheelies and jumps, attracting a lot of people, and they would take me. I understood it. Back then, it took six to seven hours on the roads to Ghat. My friend Jaggi sat in the last seat and gave me his hand whenever I was tired. At the time, motocross races were held in Pune and I used to come for that, ”he said.

Asked about the pandemic affecting the film industry, especially theaters and single screens, Salman said he was optimistic there would be more attendance soon as people want to come back for movies.

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