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Peterborough City Center Restaurant Embraces Coffee Culture With A Parklet

The new outdoor space at the Banyan Tree in Westgate, Peterborough city center

The Banyan Tree, in Westgate, now has berries that can accommodate around 30 customers and will offer a special “street food” menu.

The berries, protected from traffic by sturdy bamboo, are the brainchild of restaurateur Dinesh Odedra, who said he was inspired by the city council’s defense of cafe culture in the city center.

“People have asked to sit outside recently, but on Saturday we’ll be looking to make more statement and create some atmosphere,” said Dinesh, who opened the restaurant in 2010.

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The new outdoor space at the Banyan Tree in Westgate, Peterborough city center

“There will be a chef outside who will cook some street food and I hope to organize some music as part of our Diwali celebrations.”

Going forward, the menu will focus on Indian street food – one of the things the Banyan Tree is famous for – and two or three curry options.

“We’re not looking for an Indian theme on the outside, although the food will be,” Dinesh said. “The music will be laid back, listen to stuff easily, although it would be nice at some point to have some live music, but keep it nice and relaxed.”

Drinks outside will be bolstered by sharing a beer menu with The Bumble Inn, across the road, and at night the area will be illuminated by floodlights from the restaurant.

“He is inspired by the push for advice on coffee cultivation,” Dinesh added. “We have created a small green space in the city center, a ‘parklet’.

“And we’ve tried to keep it green and use local resources where possible.

“We used recycled plastic in the base, sustainable plywood in the construction and the tables are recycled.

“And it’s been great working with local companies, especially Vanguard, who built it, and Peterborough Solar Roofing who did all of the fiberglass. “

Bays can be reserved or used without an appointment.

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