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‘People with red caps are hungry for power’, PM Modi targets Samajwadi party in Gorakhpur


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses rally in UP Gorakhpur

Strong points

  • Prime Minister Modi said the start of the fertilizer plant and AIIMS in Gorakhpur sends several messages
  • PM says UP has a government that cares about the oppressed and the poor, so it works hard and delivers
  • Attacking Samajwadi Party, Prime Minister Modi Says People With “Red Caps” Are Hungry For Power

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on former governments for ignoring eastern Uttar Pradesh. Addressing a rally in the territory of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Gorakhpur ahead of the state’s parliamentary elections, he said that although the “red caps” are hungry for power and want form the government to serve their interests, the BJP is concerned about the oppressed and deprived sections.

Without taking SP’s name, he said: “The ‘red caps’ want to form a government to show leniency towards terrorists, to get them out of jails. So never forget that the ‘red caps’ are a red alert for UP – they are bells of danger. “

He said that while the mafias had carte blanche in the SP regime, the BJP government under Yogi Adityanath sent them behind bars.

“Today, the whole UP knows that the ‘red caps’ only cared about the ‘red beacons.’ They had nothing to do with your pain and your problems. The ‘red caps’ want power – for scams and to fill their coffers, for illegal encroachments, for giving freedom to the Mafia, “he said at the rally after inaugurating three megaprojects, including an AIIMS and the fertilizer plant, in Gorakhpur. The other project he initiated is a Regional Medical Research Center of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The three expensive projects are worth over Rs 9600 crore.

“These people can never understand that even during the Corona crisis, the twin-engine government continued to develop, it did not let the work stop,” he said.

Regarding the opening of a fertilizer factory in Gorakhpur, he said, “Everyone knew the importance of the Gorakhpur fertilizer factory for farmers and employment here. But previous governments have shown no interest in starting it. governments before 2017 made excuses by allocating land for this. “

“The start-up of a fertilizer plant and AIIMS in Gorakhpur send several messages. When there is a dual engine government, then the work takes place at double speed. When the work is done with honest intentions, then even calamities cannot become obstacles, ”he said.

“When there is a government that cares about the oppressed and the needy sections, then it works hard and even delivers results. The program in Gorakhpur today is proof that nothing is impossible for the new India when it does. becomes determined, “said the Prime Minister. noted.

Prior to 2014, he said the country was known for importing urea and the shortage of fertilizer used to make headlines, but the situation has improved now. He said the BJP government has put an end to the misuse of urea and issued soil health cards to farmers so they know what type of fertilizer is needed. He added that the government had also taken steps to increase urea production by relaunching closed fertilizer factories.

He said that the amount of sugar cane dues paid by Yogi Adityanath’s government in four and a half years is more than the total amount paid by previous state governments in 10 years.

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