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People share their versions of “Two Indias” after Vir Das viral video

The nation is divided over Vir Das’ monologue he gave at the Kennedy Center in Washington. “I come from two Indies,” said comedian Vir Das, comparing the good and bad parts of the country in his 6-minute monologue. He touched on some of the most topical issues in India, including the battle against Covid-19, rape cases, the crackdown on comedians and farmer protests.

As his video went viral on the internet, he was slapped by numerous FIRs, labeled “anti-national”, abused and threatened. But Vir Das was right. We live in two Indies. The one who is offended by his video as he shows them the mirror, and the other who understands the satire and recognizes that society needs a change.

You can love it or hate it, but you can’t deny the fact that its content has the power to start a conversation. And that’s what his viral video did. I was browsing the comments section of his video to understand the various emotions and reactions of the locals. And oddly enough, people joined the bandwagon and shared their versions of “Two Indias”.

Check out some comments:

“I come from an India where comedians talk reality and politicians do comedy.”

“I come from an India where we fight hard for a celebrity’s justice and yet I come from an India where millions of cases are pending.”

I come from an India where a joke is taken very seriously, while serious issues are taken for a joke …

“I come from an India where the humor strikes strong then the real problems of poverty, unemployment, caste system.”

“I come from an India where comedians work as journalists and I also come from an India where journalists work as comedians.”

“I come from an India where ‘log kya kahenge’ is more valuable than feelings and emotions. “

An internet user summed it up for us by writing: “Vir Das is the kind of person who just might unleash the sparks of revolution needed to transform India. And I can’t say more about the others, but I am most definitely proud of you.

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