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People connected to Dawood in the State Waqf Board: Devendra Fadnavis

Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis on Monday accused the MVA government of appointing people with links to fugitive gangsters and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim to the state Waqf board.

Speaking to the Assembly, Fadnavis said a USB drive he submitted to the Speaker of the Assembly contained a conversation between Waqf board members Mohammad Arshad Khan and Dr Mudassir Lambe.

Fadnavis, while explaining the alleged conversation the two men had, said Lambe claimed his father-in-law was an associate of Ibrahim, while Khan said his uncle was part of the underworld. Khan is in prison, while Lambe is not despite rape charges, the BJP leader has claimed.

According to the transcript given to the media by Fadnavis, at one point in the conversation between Lambe and Khan, Lambe claimed that his father-in-law was Dawood Ibrahim’s right-hand man. “Do you know what my problem is? My stepfather was Dawood Ibrahim’s right-hand man, and my relationship was arranged by Haseena Appa. From my side Sohail Bhai and from there Haseena Appa. Haseena Appa means Dawood’s sister,” Lambe reportedly said. Khan reportedly responded by claiming his uncle was part of the underworld.

As the discussion progressed, Lambe said, “Arshad, I tell you…you are starting to work in the Waqf…Now we have the power. Now you can earn money. You start working. I will do some work tuning. We can have a 50:50 share.

The NCP rejected Fadnavis’ claims and said the person in question was appointed to the board under the BJP government.

Sana Malik Shaikh, vice president of the Maharashtra unit of the Rashtravadi Yuvati Congress – a wing of the NCP – and daughter of jailed Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik, hit back at Fadnavis’ claims and said it was the previous government of the State which had appointed Lambe to the board. Nawab Malik heads the state Waqf department.

“Half truth is a complete lie!! Dr Lambe was appointed as a Waqf board member by Fadnavis/BJP government on September 13, 2019. Maha Vikas Aghadi government was established in November 2019. My dad got Minority Dept/Waqf first week Jan 2020. @Dev_Fadnavis with D-Gang Relative and rape accused,” Sana Malik-Shaikh tweeted.The tweet also shared Lambe’s photo with Fadnavis.

Congress has called for an investigation into the BJP’s ties to Lambe.

“In light of the new facts cited by @sanamalikshaikh and the serious allegations by LOP @Dev_Fadnavis, an investigation into the link between bjp and the so-called Dr Lambe must be carried out. I urge @Dwalsepatil ji who just shed some light on this to take note of the new findings,” Maharashtra Congress General Secretary Sachin Sawant tweeted.

Reacting to the allegations, Interior Minister Dilip Walse Patil said: “The Leader of the Opposition handed over the USB stick to the President on Monday. All details and facts will need to be verified and we can act accordingly. The state government will never protect anything that is wrong or against the rules, he said.
In his speech, Fadnavis also attacked the MVA government for frequently pointing the finger at the GST Clearinghouse. He said, “The problem is the lack of planning and management at the state level. The state government has not taken bold steps to stimulate the economy and generate higher revenues…”

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