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Passengers with Omicron from low risk countries, domestic flights depart from Bengaluru airport – The New Indian Express

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BENGALURU: Passengers arriving from low-risk countries or other domestic destinations to Bengaluru airport leave the airport and later test positive with the Omicron variant of COVID-19, which appears to be of concern .

The state’s health department on Wednesday reported two patients with Omicron who left Bengaluru airport before their sample returned positive for COVID-19 or left even after testing positive.

A 53-year-old man who traveled from Dubai to Bangalore on December 23 was tested at Kempegowda International Airport but left the airport before his results arrived. His son picked him up in the car and they tested positive before they reached Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Now he is in isolation at Trichy General Hospital and the case has been referred to Tamil Nadu. Its genomic sequencing results detected Omicron.

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In the second case, a 41-year-old man traveled from Mumbai to Bangalore by plane on December 23, tested positive at the airport but took an airport bus to Mumbai the same evening. He is isolating in Mumbai and his genomic sequencing results have also detected Omicron.

Asked about it, Randeep D, state health commissioner, said only international passengers from high-risk countries should wait for their RT-PCR results to arrive at the airport. The others can give their samples and leave. If they are positive, they are then found and placed in institutional quarantine.

“However, we have now asked the rural district health officer of Bengaluru to keep additional control over international passengers exiting the airport. They must have a negative RT-PCR report,” Randeep explained.

In accordance with the guidelines, Dubai is not on the list of high risk countries. In low-risk countries, 2% of people can be randomly tested at the airport. There is no directive requiring domestic travelers to wait at the airport for the results of their RT-PCR test.

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