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Panorama International Literature Festival in January


The fourth international panorama literature festival 2023 organized globally by the Writers Capital International Foundation (WCIF) will be held from January 1 to 31, 2023, with the theme “Air”.

“The festival will take place in hybrid mode, where delegates will present their works virtually as well as physically at the national level in the participating countries. Spain hosts the event internationally. In India, the festival is in partnership with the Central University of Kerala (CUK), Kerala Sahitya Akademi and Kerala Chalachithra Akademi. The national event here will be held at CUK Campus, Kasargod, Kerala, according to a press release from Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, President and CEO, WCIF.

“It was the linguistic and cultural diversity of Kasargod, a land of seven languages, that attracted the festival to the district. Writers from different parts of the country will participate in the three-day event in and around campus. Different CUK departments will jointly organize the event. Apart from visiting historical places in Kasargod, the group of delegates will also learn about art forms like Theyyam (Daiva), which are important in the northern part of Kerala, which was once part of Karnataka,” Prof. Irene said. Doura-Kavadia, general secretary. , WCIF.

Prathibha Ray, who will be the main guest of the festival, said, “Literature builds bridges, breaks down walls and enriches human personality. The theme of the festival, which addresses both the philosophical and environmental aspects of “air”, is topical. The platform would facilitate deliberations, cross-cultural communication and a reaffirmation of the power of the written word”.

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