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Over 51,000 Indians born in 170 countries in 2020; 10,817 died abroad


More than 51,000 Indian children were born in 170 foreign countries in 2020, maximum in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), while around 10,817 Indians died abroad that year, according to data prepared by the Registrar General of India (RGI).

Births and deaths of Indian citizens in foreign countries in 2020 were recorded at Indian missions and posts abroad under the Citizenship Act 1955, according to the RGI report “Vital Statistics of India based on civil registration system” for 2020.

As many as 51,089 children were born in 170 countries, of which 16,469 were born in the United Arab Emirates and 6,074 were born in Saudi Arabia in 2020, according to the report.

Other countries where these children were born include Kuwait (4,202 children), Qatar (3,936), Italy (2,352), Australia (2,316), Oman (2,177), Bahrain (1 567), Germany (1,400) and Singapore (1,358).

A total of 768 Indian children were born in Spain, 620 in South Africa, 578 in the United Kingdom, 388 in Sweden, 156 in Zambia, 37 in the United States and four in Pakistan.

Of 10,817 Indians who died overseas, 3,754 died in Saudi Arabia, 2,454 in the United Arab Emirates, 1,279 in Kuwait, 630 in Oman, 386 in Qatar, 312 in Bahrain, 254 in the United States, 216 in Italy, 166 in Singapore, 19 in the UK. , and six in Pakistan.

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