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Our culture is the culture of water, ponds are an integral part of our culture: CM


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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said our culture is the culture of water and ponds are an integral part of our culture. Water has had a special importance in Indian culture for thousands of years. Our great rulers have built ponds, wells, stepwells in their states. Today, it is our duty not only to preserve them but also to perpetuate this tradition.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolution, this year more than 5,000 Amrit Sarovars will be built in the state. Their work will be completed by June of this year or by March of next year. A Rs 350 crore plan has been drawn up to save 10,000 old ponds in the state. For water conservation, conservation works of a large number of small water structures will also be carried out. Chief Minister Chouhan inaugurated the program with kanya-pujan and kalash-pujan. Chief Minister Chouhan laid the foundations and dedicated development works worth Rs 1,13,60,000. He also gave loan approval letters to the Gairatganj Production Company formed by women self-help groups.

Launches Jalabhishek campaign at Jal Sansad in Kahula village of Raisen: Chief Minister Chouhan on Monday launched Jal Abhishek Abhiyan at Jal Sansad organized in Kahula village of Garatganj tehsil of Raisen district. He practically launched 5,000 Amrit Sarovars in 52 districts of the state and 10,000 works in Pushkar Dharohar Samridhi Abhiyan. Chief Minister Chouhan also released the Mukhya Mantri Jal Shakti Abhiyan Ayojana. He honored three of the 551 water warriors who built ponds in their fields to collect water. Chief Minister Chouhan also swore everyone in the Jal Sansad to save water. Chief Minister Chouhan said saving water is necessary to save the earth. A natural imbalance is caused by excessive exploitation of groundwater. If water exists we exist, without water no one will exist. Our greatest duty is to stop the rainwater and raise the water level of the earth by

plant more and more trees. We need to educate people about water conservation. In order to get everyone’s cooperation in this work, a huge Jal Abhishek Abhiyan is being launched in the state from today. Jal Abhishek Abhiyan will be tapped on a large scale in the state: Chief Minister Chouhan said pipelines are being laid in the state to deliver water to every household through taps. In the next two to three years, every household will have access to tap water. So far, water has reached 48 lakh homes in the state from taps. In time to come, water will be supplied to more than one million homes through taps. Chief Minister Chouhan said that today every panchayat in the state is involved in this program. “I ask everyone with their hands folded to join the Jalabhishek campaign to save water in your village.” In this work, Jan Abhiyan Parishads, social organizations, all panchayats, self-help groups and all other sections should contribute.

The next two months are very important for working in this direction. You must all pledge to support the government in this noble work of conserving and promoting water.

Women’s honor is the honor of the state: CM: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that women’s honor is the honor of the state. Minor girls (Kanyas) are goddesses, they should be honored. I won’t let anyone look down on girls. On May 2, Ladli Laxmi Day will be celebrated across the state.

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