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Opening of the 3rd edition of the children’s literature, art and music festival


Besides Vishwarang 2022 Get Set Parent Children’s Literature Art and Music Festival opened at Kushabhau International Convention Center’s Minto Hall. It was inaugurated by Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Director and Founder of Get Set Parent and AnubhaShrivastava, Commissioner of Khadi Village Industries. Workshops such as storytelling, theater and folk art were organized for children throughout the day. More than 5,000 children from 50 schools attended the first day of the festival with lots of fun.

Mandar Shete and Kavita Dicholkar from Kadmad Designs hosted a doodling session for the kids. Mentor Kavita Dicholkar said, “Doodling is a free expression of art. It is generally considered a free-style art, making the body and mind active.

During the Helen O’Grady session, Neelima Gupta enlightened the children about theatre. She taught children to express themselves using facial expressions, gestures and body language. The children were called on stage for an interactive session to make them more aware of their body expressions.

Preeti Vyas, CEO of Amar Chitra Katha, told the story to the children during a storytelling session. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi honored her.

In this workshop, she told the heroic story of Lord Ganesha, Kuber and freedom fighter Jhalkari Bai to children. At the end of the session, she asked them questions based on the story, and the children were rewarded with comics for answering the questions.

Vikram Sridhar talked about dramatic storytelling. During this session, he was hosted by Aditi Vats. As he began his speech, he gave information about Indian states to the children. He told the story in an expressive and funny style. At the end of the story, he conveyed the message to the children that our house is the best.

Suchitra Rai and Vivek Singh Rajput led the papier-mâché session. Mentor Suchitra Rai explained the method of making different things from clay and paper. Meanwhile, Rishabh Nigam and DishiBhadauria of Chitrakala Studio led the Madhubani painting session. Mentor said that Madhubani painting is an art that uses many patterns and vivid colors.

Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Founder of “Get Set Parent”, Preeti Vyas, CEO of Amar Chitra Katha and Shobha Viswanathan, Publishing Director, Karadi Tales moderated the final session on “How to Inculcate the Habit of Reading”.

Answering the question why the habit of reading is vital, Preeti Vyas said that reading books helps to achieve good personality, happiness, success and better things.

Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi asked students to read newspapers, magazines, books and even product instructions to instill in them the habit of reading. Shobha Vishwanathan said: “When I grew up, there was no television. So we only had books. I found that the happiness we bring from a book cannot be found on any platform. OTT.”

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