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Only fully vaccinated people will receive a ration from next year: Madhya Pradesh government | Latest India News

Madhya Pradesh’s Food and Civilian Supplies Department has issued an order declaring that beneficiaries of the National Food Safety Law will not receive a subsidized ration without proof of vaccination against Covid-19, a measure to ensure that those who hesitate to be vaccinated against the viral disease be convinced to do so.

The order, released on November 8 to all district civilian supply officials, was made public on Tuesday.

According to the decree, beneficiaries will not receive a ration after December 31 if they do not receive the two doses of the Covid -19 vaccine. “A public distribution system (PDS) trader is expected to immunize all eligible members of 11.5 million families by December 31. PDS traders should post the necessary vaccination information in all of their stores. Patrata (eligibility) forms bear the names of all family members. Traders must ensure that all eligible beneficiaries have been vaccinated, ”says the order.

“If they are not vaccinated, the trader must provide counseling sessions in neighboring health facilities. Traders should also provide a list of unvaccinated and beneficiaries, who took only the first dose, to a nearby hospital each week, ”the order said.

According to the state’s health department, about 90.18 percent of state residents received the first dose while 50.1 percent are fully immunized until Tuesday. The state’s total population eligible for vaccination is 54 million.

Food and Civilian Supplies Department Principal Secretary Faiz Ahmed Kidwai said, “We will review the situation on December 31. The basic objective of the no-vaccination-no-rationing campaign is to motivate people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, ”Kidwai added.

December 31 is the deadline set by the Indian government to fully immunize the country’s 940 million adults. So far, vaccination coverage has crossed 80% (at least one dose), a level at which experts expect reluctance to vaccinate to be felt. Measures such as the link between Covid vaccination certificates and government benefits will likely be needed to persuade more people to get vaccinated. .

A senior IAS officer, on condition of anonymity, said: “At a Covid 19 vaccination review meeting (held during the first week of November), it was decided to ensure vaccination for beneficiaries of all government plans and employees government by December 31. The department decided to issue an order of no vaccination, no benefits. The order of the service of civilian supplies is one of them.

The opposition Congress has targeted the state government over the order and called it “threatening.”

Congress of Deputies committee spokesman JP Dhanopia said: “The deputies’ government failed to gain people’s trust to complete the vaccination, so department officials were asked to threaten beneficiaries. How can they stop the benefits of the vaccination schedule which is a very personal choice?

This ordinance only exposes the government’s failure to motivate people to vaccinate, he added.

However, the State Minister of Medical Education, Vishwas Sarang, said, “We have decided that all departments of the state government will motivate people for 100% vaccination. The government’s objective is not to stop benefits but to ensure vaccination for the safety of people.

The Madhya Pradesh government announced on Wednesday that it would achieve 100% vaccination against Covid-19 by December 25.

Meanwhile, during a Covid 19 review meeting held on Wednesday with health department officials, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced the end of all restrictions cited to contain the virus as the number of active cases is now less than 100 in MP, but it asked people to continue using masks, Sarang said.

The state recorded five new Covid cases on Wednesday and the total number of active Covid cases stood at 78.

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