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November brings a joyful celebration of Aboriginal tradition and culture


The family bond is also very important to Ortiz-LaChappa. She talked about her two younger sisters, brother and cousins ​​and how she often brings them together to enjoy events and other adventures. “I say let’s go; we’re going to go, and you’re going to be dancing, having fun and smiling. I tell them this because these opportunities are good opportunities.

One lesson she learned and passes on to others, especially her young mentees, is the importance of taking healthy risks. “We all know the unhealthy risks — teen pregnancy, substance abuse, school dropout or failure,” Ortiz-LaChappa said. “But for me, healthy risks are things that can only bring you education, opportunity and experience. You may not do it well…the journey may be long, but it will get you something.

Ortiz-LaChappa earned an associate’s degree from Haskell Indian Nations University, one of 32 tribal colleges/universities nationwide, and aspires to attend a four-year college afterward, with UC San Diego on his bucket list. possibilities. She praised the campus’ efforts to create community: “I’m really proud of the work of the Intertribal Resource Center because they create a safe space. The UC system is filled with thousands of people, but our indigenous peoples within the UC are only hundreds.

Outstanding native newt 2022

A certificate and gift card were presented, but UC San Diego’s outstanding native newt Alex Zhao was also recognized with something truly unique: a vibrant blanket from Eighth Generation, a native-owned company that produces authentic works of art.

Zhao, a member of the Navajo Nation, is a second-year doctoral candidate in political science at UC San Diego. Scholars are selected for this honor by demonstrating leadership and commitment to the university’s Native American community. “We appreciate his commitment to the community and his style of leadership that demonstrates humility and a sense of pride in our collective endeavors,” said Elena Hood, director of the Intertribal Resource Center, a graduate with a Ph.D. from UC San Diego. “We at the Intertribal Resource Center and other Native Tritons know that he will continue to do great things for all of us in Indian Country.”

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