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No control over auto rickshaws at Chandigarh station, people prefer app-based taxis: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Amarjot Kaur

Chandigarh, January 15

With no regular checks of vehicle documents and auto driver identities at Chandigarh railway station, a sense of insecurity envelops rail passengers who have now started opting for trackable journeys via travel apps. .

Every day, hundreds of cars drive around the city’s station in the hope of attracting a potential customer. The single lane auto route is painted with the green and yellow of the cars parked along the lane. It becomes busier when the train drops off passengers at the station; motorists shout from afar: “Auto chahiye, madam? Sir? (Do you need a car, ma’am/sir?)”, “Kaha jaogay? (Where can I drop you off?)”. For those who like the idea that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, a car ride is a cheaper option. But security has a price.

Deepika Kaur, a human resources manager at a Delhi-based company, commutes frequently between Delhi and Chandigarh. “My parents stay in Mohali, so I come to visit them every week. I don’t drive in Delhi so a train trip is a viable option for me. However, I’m a bit afraid to take cars. First, I don’t know if the motorist is vaccinated, given the pandemic.

Then I don’t know if he has all his papers in place. It’s not prudent. So I book an Ola taxi or Uber instead,” she says.

But things are not so rosy for Neelam Devi, who visits Sitapur in UP every year. She works as a housekeeper in Chandigarh and often takes cars when she has to travel around town and does not have her bicycle. “When I go to my village, I usually take a car and go to the station. Then I come back to the car. It’s cheap, I don’t have the money to book a taxi and I can’t afford it either. I don’t feel very unsafe, but that’s probably because I chose to travel during the day,” she says.

Asked about the frequency of checks on motorists, a GRP official said: “We are already understaffed. Almost every other day we find bodies of people hit by trains or murdered. We have bigger issues to deal with. »

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