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Neev Literature Festival on September 24 and 25

The annual Neev Literature Festival returns to physical mode after two years of being held online. The two-day festival to be held on September 24-25 will take place at the campus of Neev Academy, Yemalur, Bangalore. This year’s festival theme, “Reading Takes You”, focuses on the power of books to allow you to discover new places, of this world, in your imagination and to explore diverse cultural perspectives.

The event will also showcase India‘s book market for readers of all ages. The festival will see a myriad of events with award-winning authors, librarians, filmmakers and storytellers discussing and interacting with the public on a plethora of topics.

This year, NLF will attend 92 sessions with more than 60 speakers from around the world to enlighten young minds on topics ranging from climate change to conflict zone writing. The event provides a platform for reading enthusiasts to interact and engage with distinguished authors such as Roopa Pai, Anushka Ravishankar, Paro Anand, Jane De Suza, Samina Mishra, Venita Coelho, Shabnam Minwalla, Sandhya Rao, Bijal Vaccharajani, Arundhati Venkatesh and Menaka. Ramane.

While Priya Narayanan will lead an interactive session on mythology and math, Arefa Tehsin will describe what it was like growing up as the daughter of a naturalist. Popular YA writer Andaleeb Wajid will lead a Masterclass for students who will come up with their own writing style. Historian Devika Rangachari will lead a Masterclass for parents of women who have carved out a place for themselves, as described in historical texts that date back hundreds of years. Katie Day and Nadine Bailey, international teacher-librarians, will talk about new research and practiced trends in growing readers in schools.

Towards the end of the first day of the event, the Neev Book Award jury members will announce the winners in the four categories of the award: Early Years (5-7 years old), Emerging Readers (6-8 years old), Junior Readers (9-12 years old) and young adults (13-18 years old).

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