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Nawanshahr native Barjinder Singh in Dhahan puts Punjabi literature on world map: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Aparna Banerji

Jalandhar, October 9

In 2013, the germ of an idea was born to institute a prize that will highlight the avant-garde literary genius of the two Sharhda and Lehnda Punjabs. Today, he has become an inspiration to countless established and up-and-coming literary authors.

Canadian Assembly Recognizes Dhahan’s Efforts

The initiative of Canadian entrepreneur Barjinder Singh Dhahan has also been recognized in Canada. The three finalists for the Dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature 2022 – Javed Buta, Arvinder K Dhaliwal and Balwinder Singh Grewal – will be honored at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (BC) ahead of the awards ceremony on November 17. The Government of British Columbia has also dedicated a week as part of a “Punjabi Literature Week”

Village Name Literary Award

  • Founder of the Dhahan Prize for Punjbai Literature, Barjinder Singh Dhahan (pictured) is the son of the social worker of the late Baba Budh Singh Dhahan of the Bani Guru Nanak Mission Medical and Educational Trust, Dhahan Kleran, Nawanshahr
  • Barjinder, a Canadian entrepreneur, instituted the award after Dhahan village in 2013. The Dhahan award is given to the top three works of fiction in Punjabi, written in Gurmukhi or Shahmukhi scripts. This is the highest award for a literary award in South Asia

Barjinder Singh Dhahan

The Dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature will honor Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi writers who have brilliantly told stories about the twin Punjabs. This year, Indian writers Arvinder K Dhaliwal and Balwinder Singh Grewal and Pakistani writer Javed Buta will be honored at a special ceremony in Surrey, Canada on November 17. The award was created by Canadian entrepreneur Barjinder Singh Dhahan after the village of Dhahan in Nawanshar. While Javed Buta hails from Lahore and currently resides in Virginia, America, he is rewarded for his collection of stories in the Shahmukhi script “Chaulan Di Burki”. Arvinder Kaur Dhaliwal, who is based in Amritsar, will be honored for his Gurmukhi storybook “Jhanjran Valey Paer” and Balwinder Singh Grewal, a resident of Khanna in Ludhiana, will be honored for his Gurmukhi book of storybook “Dabolia”. .

Of the three, the author of the winning book will receive $25,000 and the other two $10,000 each along with a trophy.

Speaking to Jalandhar Tribune, Barjinder Singh Dhahan, who is also affectionately known as Barj Dhahan, said, “The purpose of the Dhahan Prize is to honor writers who take Punjabi narratives across borders and encourage literature punjabi in the world. We want writers to feel valued. I was at university in Canada, we could study European languages, but not Indian languages. While there are countless awards for English literature, there are few for those in Gurmukhi.

It bothered me. This is how the prize was born. It is also an initiative to give a voice to those who document the nuances and traditions of the twin Punjabs – both literary and cultural. We cannot do this without detailing works in both Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi. Now there are actually three Punjabs – India, Pakistan and the world.

Dhahan’s initiative has also been recognized in Canada – the three finalists will be honored in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (BC) before the awards ceremony this year and the government of BC. -B. also dedicated a week to the “Punjabi Literature Week”.


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