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Naveen at Conclave Odisha Nirman 2021

Bhubaneswar: People are supreme in a democratic society. A truly democratic government does it with the best interests of the people in mind, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said during Conclave Odisha Nirman-2021 hosted by Kanak News.

“People are the true partner in growth, development, social change and, ultimately, the transformation of lives. For this to happen, the first thing people expect from government is effective government. With this in mind, my government has proposed the principle of 5Ts in our governance mechanism, ”Patnaik said while attending the program virtually here today.

Sambad Editor-in-Chief Soumya Ranjan Patnaik said in her welcoming speech: “After overcoming malnutrition, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is now focusing on the education and health sectors. The role of the media is to create a platform for debate on the various development programs launched by the government. Odisha Nirman has created such a platform where personalities excelled in various industries are commended.

At the event, Governor Professor Ganeshi Lal congratulated Padma Sri Nanda Kishore Prusty, Farmer Chhayarani Sahoo, Young Entrepreneur Jugabrat Kar and President of High-Tech Medical College & Hospital Tirupati Panigrahi at Odisha Nirman Conclave for their contribution in different fields.

To celebrate the occasion, Governor Ganeshi Lal said, “It is a commendable effort and an ideal platform to come together, reflect together, work together and share the vision of each other’s perception and shape the destiny of my Utkal Pradesh Odisha enhancing the pride and prestige and glory of Utkal Pradesh making it a vibrant Odisha and an incredible Odisha.

Speaking at the event, author and former Outlook editor Ruben Banerjee said: “Indian society is polarized and all media newsrooms have unfortunately been politicized. There has to be a happy medium as you can be both for and against. I can be in favor of Naveen Patnaik and also against Naveen Patnaik. I see nothing wrong with that because, as a journalist, I am one of the media that is supposed to hold the mirror and the mirror reflects almost everything. This is exactly where journalism went wrong.

“Journalism has to be balanced because we can’t magnify just one side of the story. Every story has two sides. It is therefore necessary to have this moderation which exchanges ideas. Unfortunately, what is happening with the Indian media, this conversation is no longer taking place. The dialogue has disappeared and the leaders have become extremely arrogant, ”he said.

On the current trend in journalism, Banerjee said that the Indian media has become subservient to power.

“The Indian media business model is broken. We are not making money for various reasons. If you depend on advertisements to run the media house, you will lose your independence. Overall, we are under the control of the company. We are subject to political influence. And the latest addition to that has been the rise of intolerance. No one tolerates any form of dissent or disagreement in this country anymore. So the media are going through a very, very difficult time. You will have to survive financially otherwise no journalism to do, ”he added.

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