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Muslims alone cannot fight the hatred spread by people supported by those in power: Madani

Maulana Madani also said that hatred cannot be fought with hate, only the ignorant can try to extinguish fire with fire.

[Photo shared by All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Twitter of its Kanpur Meet. Maulana Arshad Madani is extreme right.]

New Delhi: After being elected Vice Chairman of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), Arshad Madani said all sections of society should unite to fight bigotry and Muslims alone cannot fight hate spread by a handful of people, especially in northern India. .

Maulana Madani said:

“We cannot win the war against bigotry alone. We need to bring together all the secular people in society. We must unite to put out this fire of hatred and bigotry. If we do, we can defeat the sectarian forces. “

Explaining the game of bigotry and hatred in North India versus the South, he said:

“The main reason for this is political interest. Provocations and outrageous statements are made to create a sectarian classification at the social level in order to succeed their nefarious plans by completely isolating the majority from the minority.”

He added that there are only a handful of people who fan the flames of hatred and bigotry, but they are powerful because they have the backing of those in power, and therefore the hands of the law. cannot reach their neck.

Maulana Madani also said that hate cannot be fought with hate, only ignorant people can try to put out fire with fire.

“On the other hand, we must promote brotherhood, unity and love, which have been our long history and that of our country. This history must be revived,” he said.

“Politics of hatred”

Madani said the government’s attitude towards the issues regarding the growing dangers of sectarianism in the country, and the things that have been presented across the country, is based on hatred and prejudice.

“Interference with the rules of Sharia law is in fact based on the same politics of hatred and prejudice. We apparently have no power to stop these things, and those who do have the power of authority that is considered as the greatest power in the world today, ”Madani said.

“But there are a lot of people in the country who see the current situation as worrying, and they are unhappy with what is happening against a certain class of people over the past few years. They also think such things are very dangerous. and harmful to the country, ”he said.

“Therefore, in order to counter this conspiracy, we must bring together all those people from the majority who see these things as bad, and who believe that such a policy is extremely dangerous for the unity, integrity and development of the country. “, did he declare. noted.

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