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‘Muslim invaders’, ‘decline of Hindu culture and Manusmriti’ angered the ‘brain’ of Sulli Deals


New Delhi: Aumkareshwar Thakur, the alleged 25-year-old creator of the Sulli Deals app, revealed during his questioning that he had put Muslim women up for “auction” as the “decline” of Hindu culture angered him, said learned ThePrint.

Delhi Police sources said Thakur is a die-hard “trad”, who has spent his nights on social media platforms among trad groups talking about how it “bothers and angers” him. see the “decline” of traditional Hindu culture.

Trads (short for traditionalists) are online groups that claim to be staunch “protectors” of Sanatana Dharma, who are considered very radicalized.

“Aumkareshvara Thakur said that he had been deeply hurt by the decline of Hindu culture and believed in hardcore Hindutva, which he believes to be the purest form of Hinduism. Over time, by reading and sharing such thoughts about Trad groups, he and other members of the Tradsmahasabha group ultimately decided to demean Muslim women by putting them up for sale, ”a Delhi police source said.

Thakur revealed that he was “furious with the situation in the country and that he felt he had to do something to defend the beliefs of the Trads,” the source said.

“Thakur said he was angry that the ‘crusaders’ and the ‘invading Muslims’ had ruined the country, demolished Hindu religion and culture, corrupted it and something had to be done on this subject. He said he could not tolerate that the Manusmriti and the Purana Vedas were not followed, mocked and treated with respect, ”said a second source.

“They (referring to Muslims) ruined everything for us,” he said, citing the second source.

During questioning, Thakur said he could not accept that “Muslim accounts on Twitter and Facebook were about Hindu culture,” and also that this “triggered him when he saw their comments on certain posts on the Hindu. social networks, “the first source said.

“Thakur said he couldn’t tolerate it like the others and so all the members of the Trad group decided to target Muslim women. In revenge, Trad members identified several loud Muslim women to express their anger, ”the first source said.

Thakur, from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, was supposed to get married this year, after turning 26. According to the first source, Thakur, a computer expert like the “creator” of Bulli Bai Neeraj Bishnoi, “works at a US-based tech company and tells his parents he works nights when he is on the job. rather busy with Trad groups.

“He slept all day and barely got out,” the source said.

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Thakur did not do it alone, others identified targets of Muslim women.

Sources said Thakur revealed details of the online group ‘Tradmahasabha’, where it was decided to auction women off. However, Thakur did not do it all alone. While he did the coding, others helped him identify Muslim women who should be targeted.

Bishnoi, the alleged 20-year-old “mastermind” of the “Bulli Bai” app, who was arrested, like Thakur, by the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations unit of the Delhi Police, was also part of this group. He had previously “auctioned off” the national congressional media coordinator, Hasiba Amin, days before Sulli Deals put women up for sale last year.

“Thakur revealed 30 Twitter IDs – all fake IDs – that were part of the Trad group that decided to auction these women with the intention of demeaning Muslims. However, he was unable to reveal their real identities as they only interacted through these groups and did not know each other personally, ”the second source said.

“The police are currently looking for ten of these people. However, it remains to be determined the exact number of people involved, as in these cases one person has multiple Twitter IDs, ”the source added.

“Everyone in the group contributed to the research – finding the Muslim women they wanted to target. They were selective, ”the second source said.

Sources said they found the now-deleted Twitter credentials revealed by Thakur, through archives.

“At the moment, there are attempts to recover the data from his laptop because he had deleted everything. This is done by creating an image of the system bit by bit reviving the existing file and deleted files. After extraction, the data will be analyzed, which will provide more details, ”said the second source.

According to sources, Thakur removed all digital fingerprints after the outcry over Sulli Deals. It was not part of the Bulli Bai app which was highlighted earlier this month. Speaking to ThePrint after his arrest, Thakur’s father Akhilesh Thakur, noted that his social media activity had declined over the past year.

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