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Most countries will sizzle by 2100

ANKARA, Turkey: Most parts of the world will be in the grip of “extreme heat” by 2100, according to a latest research paper.

Estimates show tropical and subtropical regions, including the Indian subcontinent, large parts of the Arabian Peninsula and sub-Saharan Africa, will experience dangerously hot temperatures on most days of the year by the end of the year. of this century, according to the article published in Communications Earth and Environment. review Thursday.

This is likely to happen even if we somehow manage to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the study warned.

He said mid-latitude regions of the world would experience, at the very least, intense heat waves every year.

In the US city of Chicago, for example, researchers predict a 16-fold increase in dangerous heat waves by the end of the century.

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“Extreme heat contributes to chronic disease and is associated with regular loss of time from outdoor work, and … has the potential to threaten the habitability of large swaths of the Earth’s land surface if emissions from greenhouse gases are not reduced,” reads the article.

Those most vulnerable to serious health problems caused by the oppressive heat are the elderly, the poor and outdoor workers, he added.

“Without adaptation measures, this would significantly increase the incidence of heat-related illnesses and reduce the ability to work outdoors in many areas where subsistence agriculture is important,” the study says.

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