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More than 100 young golfers from eight countries play at the US Kids Golf Indian Championship


More than 100 young golfers will tee off at the second Indian Championships, a three-day event that gives players a chance to secure their place in the European and World American Children’s Golf Championships next year.

Part of the US Kids Golf India Series, the event, which awards World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) points, will be held at the Classic Golf and Country Club from November 23-25 ​​and in 13 different age categories. Entries for the event have golfers from eight countries including India.

Youngsters will play on age-specific tees at the Classic Golf and Country Club.

Indian stars and hopefuls include many players who have won on the national circuit and are eager to collect WAGR points at the Indian championship.

Performance on the National Tour, Indian Championship and WAGR points collected by players will determine their qualification for the European and World Championship events to be held in 2023.

Among the players who have won each of the four national events held so far are Nihal Cheema (Boys 6), Jot Sarup Gupta (Boys 8), Adit Veeramachaneni (Boys 9), Chaitanya Pandey (Boy 11), Manyaveer Bhadoo (Boys 15 -18) and Mehreen Bhatia (Daughters 13-14).

Among this week’s players, who performed well last year at the World Championship, will include Kabir Goyal (fourth under 7), Chaitanya Pandey (25th under 10) and Arshvant (tied 10th under 12 years old). They are all now in a higher age category.

A few other names to watch include Amaira Gulati (8 Girls), Naina Kapoor (9-10 Girls), Shambhavi Chaturvedi (11-12 Girls), Divjot Gupta (7 Boys), Kabir Goyal (8 Boys), Aditya Misra, Rajveer Suri and Dhruv Singh (all in 10 boys), Prince Bainsla and Armin Paul SIngh (12 boys), Udai Aditya Middha, Bhavesh Nirwan, Ranveer Dhupia, Anshul Bhati and Arshvant Srivastava (all in 13-14 boys).

The Indian Championship is one of four international championships remaining on the US children’s golf schedule, with the other events taking place in Australia, Brazil and Mexico City. So far, another 13 international championships have taken place in 2022.

The first tee shot at Classic Golf and Country Club will be at 8 a.m. The event will take place over three days from November 23-25.

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