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Mandakini on the cancellation of culture, calls for a boycott: Ek artist ko disgrace karke, kya millega? | Exclusive

Veteran actress Mandakini has spoken out about cancel culture and the boycott trend on social media. Here is what she said.

Mandakini on Cancel Culture.


  • Mandakini reacted to the boycott trend on social media.
  • The veteran actress doesn’t support the cancel culture in the industry.
  • “I think it’s really wrong,” she said.

In the recent past, boycott calls on social media have surrounded many Bollywood films. People started negative boycott trends for Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha and Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan on Twitter. Not only business pundits but Bollywood celebrities are also opening up about the cancel culture prevalent in the industry. The latest celebrity to voice their opinion on the same is veteran actress Mandakini. In an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in, Ram actress Teri Ganga Maili spoke at length about cancel culture and boycott calls on social media.


Sharing his thoughts on the boycott trend, Mandakini told IndiaToday.in, “I think it’s really wrong. I don’t support this. Everyone is working hard. Vo ye soch ke kaam karta hai ki karodo log meri movie dekhenge aur pyaar denge [They work hard thinking that crores of people would watch their films and give them love]. Usme mein se kisi ek ko choose karna aur kehna iski film mat dekhiye i don’t think this is fair. But again, some people feel they have support to say anything. And some people feel like they don’t have support. [They feel] if we say something then we will get into the wrong books. There are all kinds of people – some are scared, some are outspoken. So I feel like this is not the right thing. No way.”

The actress further believed that cinema is entertainment. According to her, an actor works hard to keep the audience happy. “Vo aapko khush karne ke liye kaam kar raha hai [aur] aap paisa kharch karke dekhte hai be happy and watch it. Agar aapko itni energy lagani hai kisiko boycott karne mein, toh dusre itne issues hai na humare India mein. Usme kyu nahi log karte? I do not understand that. Kitni galat cheese ho rahi hai. Uske liye stand lijiye. Ek artist ko disgrace karna ya usko kuch ulta-seedha bolna, kya millega? What will you get?” she added.

[An artist works hard to keep the audience happy. If you are spending money on watching a film, be happy and watch it. If you are investing energy in boycotting someone, there are so many other issues in India. Why not invest energy in that? So many wrong things are happening. Take a stand for that. What will you get by disgracing an artist?]


On the work side, Mandakini recently made his return to Bollywood. She returned to the showbiz world with a music video – Maa O Maa. The veteran actress featured in the song along with her son, Rabbil Thakur. Next, she will be seen in a movie which is likely to have a social message.

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