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malviya: Mamata undermines people’s electoral choice; failed to build consensus as opposition prime minister’s candidate: BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee is undermining people’s electoral choices by questioning the mandate of assembly elections, BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya said on Friday as he hit back to the Chief Minister of West Bengal over his remarks on the BJP.
Reiterating his call for an opposition alliance to defeat the BJP, Banerjee said victory in the parliamentary elections in four states did not accurately reflect the mandate of the people and accused the saffron camp of plundering the votes using the machine. electoral.
Polling results were announced on Thursday and the BJP won Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Manipur, while in Goa it singlehandedly came halfway. Punjab was won by the Aam Aadmi party.
Malviya said that despite repeated attempts, Banerjee failed to build consensus around her name as the putative candidate for opposition prime minister.
Referring to violence after West Bengal Assembly polls last year, Malviya, the BJP’s co-head of the state, said Banerjee needed to reflect on his own background as chief minister and minister. of the Interior of Bengal.
She presided over the “most horrific post-election violence” in independent India‘s history immediately following the results of the state assembly elections in May 2021, he said.
“Calling an overwhelming mandate in favor of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Uttar Pradesh and other states as not reflecting the mandate of the people, undermines the electoral choices of the people,” Malviya said.
Speaking of Banerjee’s aspirations, Malviya said, “She has failed to build consensus around her name as the putative candidate for opposition prime minister.”
“She needs to ask if other aspirants like AAP, TRS, and NCP see her as someone who can be the focal point of such a formation, minus Congress,” Malviya asked, wondering if these outfits have another vision for the country as taking power. anyhow.

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