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Local brands inspired by Jharkhandi culture and textiles

As India reclaims its traditional roots in the global fashion space, many brands are now introducing traditional textiles to the urban market. Hailing from Indian states, their clothes made from organic fabrics promote greener choices. The handloom industry is almost etymological to distinct cultural identities and has played an important role in both historical developments and the growing influence of traditional designs. Moreover, it is the need of the hour to revamp our fast-paced fashion cycles and welcome pioneering slow fashion brands that promote ethical lifestyle choices.

Here are two local brands incorporating Indian textiles from Jharkhand into their collections, to help you shop more consciously.

Image Courtesy: Gulachin

I. Gulashin:

A contemporary fashion brand that aims to create a conscious sartorial experience while experimenting with traditional Indian textiles. Gulachin, was founded by Shruti Shreshta, a young designer who hopes to reshape the industry with a modern twist of mindful practices. She also wants to provide a sense of comfort, belonging and trust by creating products rooted in cultural heritage. The clothing range incorporates Jharkhand woven textiles and Santhal sari fabric to create party wear, casual wear and formal wear. The main motive of the brand is to modernize and reshape the face of traditional textiles.

See the label here.

Image Courtesy: Johargram

II. Johargram:

An ethical and sustainable streetwear brand launched in 2020, Johargram supports and revives ancient indigenous craftsmanship by promoting the rich textiles of Jharkhand. It aims to popularize traditional media by adding value to the ecosystem. Steeped in cultural influences, their products are natural, artisanal, contemporary and affordable. The brand offers premium quality while maintaining an effortless youthful spirit. The founder and creative head, Ashish Satyavrat Sahu, has an immense love for the Jharkhandi culture and aims to bring state handicrafts and textiles to the fore.

See the label here.

These brands are carving out a new space for themselves in the fashion industry, a space that is both relevant and a way to empower local artisans. It makes sense for us as consumers to be part of the revolution and embrace conscious brands.

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