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Literature must be available in all languages: Geetanjali Shree: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Bhanu P Lohumi

Shimla, June 18

“Books have different meanings for different readers, but the translation should have the life and soul of the original creation and the literature should be available in all languages,” said Geetanjali Shree, who became the first Hindi author. to win the International Booker Prize for his book “Tomb of Sand”, a translation of his Hindi novel “Ret Samadhi”.

Editors should take note

We have a living literature in all languages ​​in India, but unfortunately we are not familiar with each other’s literature and the lack of translators is a hindrance. Publishers should take a lead in this direction — Geetanjali Shree, AUTHOR

She was here to take part in the three-day International Literature Festival, which ended today. “The world should not be divided between English and other languages. We have a living literature in all languages ​​in India, but unfortunately we don’t know each other’s literature well and the lack of translators is an obstacle. Publishers and other organizations should take a lead in this,” she said. “Awards give an identity to a person, who comes into the limelight for a while, but the focus should be where the light falls and not the torch itself (the focus should be on issues highlighted by the author and not by the writer.) There are many virtues in the land that produced us and that should be recognized as well,” she said.

Later, keeping her view on “women’s writing in Indian languages” during a discussion, she pleaded for gender equality. She said a writer was a writer, and the categorization of “women writing” was an injustice to women who attempted to express sensitivity and sensibility through their work.

The session was chaired by renowned author Mridula Garg, award winner Vyas Samman, Miljul Mann and Sahitya Akademi. She has written in all genres in Hindi. She raised her voice to delete this topic and said: “I was born as a woman but I am a writer by profession.”

“Don’t discuss women writers and treat writers as individuals because everything has been said and written and is rewritten, but it’s the perspective that gives a new angle and a new dimension to the story,” he said. she declared. She emphasized reading literature in the regional language to promote translation into other languages.

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