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Literature is essential to be connected to humanity, says Bollywood writer


Pune, Nov 20 (UNI) In the age of globalization and free markets, the thought process has become egocentric, but literature is the only thing that connects man to humanity and broadens horizons, a famed Bollywood writer Javed Akhtar said on Saturday.

Speaking as the main guest at a two-day virtual literary festival hosted by Symbiosis Institute here, he said there was once a lot of literature and it was passed down from generation to generation. other, which also made its contribution to the rich literary heritage. .

“But now, unfortunately, my generation has failed to pass on this great heritage to the younger generation. The younger generation has little knowledge of our traditions, folk art, poetry, language. They have a shorter vocabulary than the older generation. Our literature has not reached them and we are responsible for it, “he observed.

“Tongue is the vehicle that carries literature. If you cut your child off his native tongue, then you are actually cutting off a child from its roots. If the roots are not strong, then how is the tree. grow or spread? It is important to be rooted to fly in the sky. Literature can act as your roots for life, “the lyricist noted,

“When you have control over the language, only you can communicate. Literature is the treasure of expression. Today we need literature, poetry, art, folk art, like never before “Akhtar added.

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