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Lilly Singh’s New Library “Celebrates South Asian Stories”

Actor Lilly singh is all designed to introduce fans and followers to its own book club, Lilly’s Library, which “breaks the rules” and promises “literary drama”.

The Indo-Canadian noted on Instagram posts that there is a shortage of South Asian literature despite “one in four people on the planet being South Asian”.

“It is through stories that we understand ourselves and the world around us. And I know from experience that seeing yourself in a story can have such an incredible impact. One in four people on the planet is South Asian, but our stories rarely have a global platform. It’s my effort to change that and give more people that magical feeling. Readers and authors, ”said Singh, 33.

The former talk show host and YouTuber also shared that the goal is to “select books that not only resonate with my brown people, but that everyone can appreciate ”. “You will either see yourself in a story or read a prospect that you may never have met. In my opinion, both are a victory, ”she said.

In his fun way, Singh, who was dressed in ethnic Indian lehenga choli with a book in hand, said, “So let’s do it as a team! Unlike my teenage years, I no longer lie about going to the library. I am not meeting my secret boyfriend. I will really read books! And I hope you take this trip with me.

In another article detailing the need for such an initiative and the particular name, Singh, described: “When I was younger, ‘ma, I go to the library’ was synonymous with ‘I am 100 percent lying down and standing up to no good. ‘The library was this tacit agreement between all parties. It was my way of breaking the rules. That’s why the title of this book club had to be “Lilly’s Library.” Because there always seems to be these unspoken rules about the types of stories we see in the mainstream media. For the most part, there is a lack of South Asian stories and nuanced South Asian characters. is time to break the rules again. And this time in our own library. “

Guess which is the first book in his library?

He is Tell me how to be by Neel Patel, a book for which she wrote the blurb.

The story revolves “around a mother and a son who both have juicy secrets. Along the way, we’ll find drama, comedy, Desi Queer magic and 90s R&B nostalgia ”.

“This book is so good that I personally wrote a blurb for it. I can’t wait to dive with you all! @hewritez (Neel Patel) is such a great writer. Excitation Level 1000 ”, she wrote to which the author thanked her“ Thank you @lilly and @lillyslibrary for choosing Tell me how to be as your first book club pick. Hope everyone enjoys the drama, the laughs and all the thrills! Good reading!”

Singh also shared that she was looking forward to this “baby” and “manifesting it in reality.” “Right here, turning brain babies into real things.” It’s actually my favorite thing about people. I like people. I find them so fascinating. And one of the main reasons for this is that so many people see a problem, a blank space or a challenge and use it as an opportunity to create magic, ”she said.

“People who make art, come up with solutions, think outside the box, challenge ideas and work to create something they believe in. It is magic. And I’m so inspired by everyone who creates. It’s courageous and a lot of work. I see you, “she added.

We’re excited for the page-turners to come, as is actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas who commented, “I can’t wait”. And you?

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