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Lifestyle diseases: BMC centers screened more than 14,000 people


Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Centers launched by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in 15 citizen-run hospitals where anyone can enter and get checked for diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure saw 14 502 people avail the service so far. The BMC started the installation two weeks ago.

Almost 13% of those who used the service were suspected of having high blood pressure and 12% were suspected of having diabetes mellitus. The civic body launched the NCD centers in September last week to assess the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the city. It is a first initiative of its kind in Mumbai.

According to data obtained by The Indian Express, on a daily basis, NCD centers witness the attendance of 730 people. Of the total number of patients screened, 8,378 were men and the remaining 6,124 women. Among them, 1,926, or 13.2%, were suspected of suffering from hypertension. Another 1,687, or 11.6%, were detected with suspected diabetes mellitus. “It is on a voluntary basis where relatives of patients or strangers can approach the centers directly and undergo the screening. We do random sugar and blood pressure tests. If we find that the readings are above the threshold , we are sending them back for further testing,” said Dr Daksha Shah, Deputy Director of Health, BMC. “It helps us catch more pre-diabetic patients at an early stage.” , she added.
However, tracking referred patients with their advised test reports is a challenge, which is why the civic body lacks data on confirmed cases. “Based on just a random blood test and a one-time blood pressure measurement, we can’t just start their meds. For reconfirmation, they must undergo testing during fasting and after eating,” said a doctor at one of the centers.

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