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LG Manoj Sinha addresses a two-day seminar on “Society, Culture and Social Change: Kashmir and Beyond”


Spoken at a seminar on “Society, Culture and Social Change: Kashmir and Beyond” organized by IUST and Indian Sociological Society. A two-day seminar brings together people from India and abroad to discuss change and transition in the context of accelerated development and globalization.

Mobility, access to culture, better control are the key to socio-economic growth. A large J&K population has been deprived of it for a long time. The post 2019 transformation has enabled every section of society to access all the benefits provided by the constitution. India thrives in its diversity. Moral and social values, ancient tradition and cultural heritage are the real wealth of our society. We have overtaken the UK to become the world’s fifth largest economy, showing that our socio-economic development draws its strength from these values, tweets the official Twitter profile of J&K’s Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

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