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Learn how changing company culture is helping data-driven startups Data and the Culture Transformation – TechCrunch

Change is afoot in the unbroken world of data collection and application, and if you’re a data-driven startup — or about to be — TechCrunch and Cloudera have joined forces for an event that you won’t want to miss.

Data and the Culture Transformation, an online event presented by Cloudera, takes place on April 26 or, depending on your time zone, April 27, 2022. Check the conference agenda.

Tune in to hear Maribel Lopez, tech industry analyst and founder of Lopez Research; Ram Venkatesh, CEO of Cloudera; and Shirley Collie, chief health analytics actuary at Discovery Health, share their insights on corporate culture shifts that will benefit startups.

Register today: Participation in Data and the Culture Transformation is free, but you must register here to reserve your place at the online-only table.

Choose your date and international times:

April 26: Americas, EMEA and India

April 27: APAC and Singapore

During the day, you will learn how changing company culture can help you:

  • Turn data into real-time insights.
  • Save money by using new, more collaborative data ecosystems.
  • Boost customer acquisition by sharing data seamlessly and securely with your future customers, even corporate giants.
  • Understand how implementing a scalable data structure now will help you scale later.

Data growth is exploding everywhere, and its influence on business decisions is growing with it. Experts predict that 50% of the world’s data will be stored in the cloud by 2025. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a startup that isn’t data-driven — or soon will be.

Make your business data participation and culture transformation. Register for free today, join us online, and learn about the shifts in corporate culture that will help you get more value from your data, make more informed business decisions, and redefine startup success. .

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