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Leadzen.ai helps business enterprises make sales with a data-driven culture in the digital age

July 06, 2022 1:59 p.m. STI

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]July 6 (ANI/PNN): A strong data-driven culture is still elusive for many companies, and data is rarely used as the sole basis for decision-making.
However, many companies and organizations in India are realizing the value of data for success and creating a data-driven culture to drive sales, find new business opportunities and predict future market trends.
Nevertheless, many organizations are experiencing the “aha data moment” needed to succeed their business in the digital age through a data-driven culture, thanks to Mumbai-based Leadzen.ai, India‘s growth prospecting engine. fastest and smartest, powered by AI. motorized technology.
Post-pandemic, the Indian business environment has witnessed the most significant changes, especially the transition from an isolated, project-driven use of data to a fully data-driven culture in business.
Although the change is observed in companies, it is not immediate. Data-driven culture is defined as the collective behaviors and attitudes of individuals who enjoy, practice, and promote data-driven decision-making.

The Leadzen.ai lead generation tool does more than that. Instead of providing information that needs to be nurtured and converted over time, it helps businesses and organizations by providing data on prospects ready to convert. For reputable companies like Audi, Mudra Bank, DBS Bank, IDFC First Bank, Kotak Bank, Tata Capital, etc., Leadzen.ai’s robust geolocator and bulk search capabilities have worked wonders.
The important thing about lead generation is that you need to update and cleanse your data frequently if you’re serious about earning money; otherwise, your business will waste a large portion of its revenue. In order to solve this problem, Leadzen.ai was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs.
Malhar Lakdawala, co-founder of Leadzen.ai says, “The goal behind Leadzen.ai was to create a platform for smart leads – a product that not only generates leads but provides ‘smart leads’ with insights. contacts and a complete database in Leadzen.ai started the revolution in the sector of lead generation and in the communication
According to Lakdawala, “Leadzen.ai is the smartest real-time lead generation engine. the best for them. Our smart location feature gives you access to specific data sets on a given PIN and empowers you to take the initiative.”
Going beyond a few successful data initiatives and islands of excellence confined to particular lines of business requires creating a data-driven culture throughout the organization and using data-driven research tools. emails like Leadzen.ai to get what your business needs if you’re still not sure where to go. getting data for AI marketing or B2B marketing is an easy key. “Overall, companies will be able to retain their employees, make data-driven decisions, get the most out of their investments in technology and processes, and achieve their digital transformation goals by s committed to building data-driven cultural enterprises, according to the spokesperson.
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