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Lab-grown diamond cultivation takes root in 2022

The world’s leading and inspiring jewelers are ditching natural diamonds with a commitment to align with the consumer habits of millennials. They lean to advance the culture of the laboratory diamond. It is far more ethical than natural diamonds, although it enjoys a retail market worth nearly $64 billion. The industry has been lambasted time and time again for its practices. This particularly exploits workers, children and local communities.

Mr. Harry Winston, nicknamed “King of Diamonds”, founded his America-based company for luxury Swiss watch jewelry in 1932. This New York-based jewelry brand is at the forefront of top luxury watches and jewelry. of range which are studded with precious stones and diamonds of the best quality. When we talk about diamond jewelry brands and flagship pieces, only a few brands are worth respecting. They are considered well acclaimed for their timelessness and timeless designs. Cartier, is another luxury jewelry house that was founded in 1847 in Paris. This French conglomerate of luxury goods, had designs for centuries founded by Mr. Louis-Francois Cartier, which has remained under family control ever since. Recently published in one of the most prestigious fashion portals, former executives of these two jewelry houses were found betting on recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. This was done to revive a 160-year-old Parisian gem favored by Empress Eugénie and Anna Wintour. This is a big win for the lab grown diamond market which has been trying to prove its worth for some time now. The same time; recycling gold also seems like a needy idea as long as the vintage pieces remain intact.

Everything else is rather considered for recycling than for consuming more raw materials and digging up natural component resources. The supply of diamonds is notoriously shady, and millennials are nearing the death of another centuries-old tradition. Their practice to prevent planets and preserve its natural minerals remains on track. The revolution of reviving heritage jewelry in-house – with lab-grown diamonds began with the involvement of Co-CEO De Narp, De Fontenary and Creative Director De Laage who worked collectively for jewelry brands such as Cartier, Harry Winston and De Beers. They are now relaunching Oscar Massin’s collection thanks to the opportunity to put sustainability and traceability at the forefront of his luxury house. They want to honor Oscar Massin and his legacy that carries his representation more ethically,” says De Naro, as Oscar was a true Diamond reformer. He was a pioneer of the revolutionary jewelry designers in the 1800s who created the tiara for the Queen of the Netherlands. He also developed a technique that made the metal look like lace. He was an innovator and truly said that innovation needs to be reborn again in the present time. The planet is fighting for its survival and the science is undeniable with its recovery facts needed right now.

Oscar’s love for nature runs through his designs and it’s only right to revive, represent and re-honor his 180 year old heritage in new codes through lab-grown diamonds and embrace it with the most high quality.

These luxury jewelry experts and leaders are walking tall and positioning themselves as jewelry trendsetters by choosing to take mining out of the equation that desperately needs recognition. Recently, another jewelry brand, Pandora, announced that lab-grown diamonds would be produced from 60% renewable energy.

They hope to increase this number to 100% by 2025. Despite this complexity, jewelry companies are required to ensure that their activities do not contribute to any human rights violations at any point in their supply chains. . Under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, an international standard on the human rights responsibilities of these high-end jewelry brands, their operations must be in place. There are some very good initiatives underway for consumers to nurture and choose the brightest minds in the industry who are doing their best.

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