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Kochi Takes First Step Towards National Arts and Culture Center – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: If things go according to plan, Kochi will have an arts center modeled on those that exist in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA) has approached prominent figures in the arts and film fraternity such as Bose Krishnamachari, Chairman of Kochi Biennale Foundation; Shaji N Karun, Chairman of State Film Development Corporation; Murali Cheeroth, President of Kerala Lalithakala Akademi; and architect TM Cyriac to brainstorm and advise on the feasibility and sustainability of the proposed National Center for Arts and Culture.

“The primary objective of the GCDA is to set up an infrastructure dedicated to sports, arts and culture. We are determined to put in place infrastructure in both areas as far as possible,” authority chairman K Chandran Pillai said. “We are only at the design stage. We are in discussion with experts regarding the sustainability of the center before taking the next step,” he told TNIE.

According to GCDA officials, he has received several offers for the six-acre vacant land near Manapattiparambu in Kaloor. One of the suggestions was the construction of an arts center on the site. Speaking to TNIE, Shaji Karun said, “Kochi needs a cultural face as it holds a rich history across the world and has become one of the major cities in the country. Art is universal and we try to bring this universality through the art center in cinema, culture and history.

He said discussions with well-known intellectuals in and around the world are ongoing before firming up the proposal. “We plan to create a culturally rich area. Along with the art center, a production house incorporating state-of-the-art technology will be built in Kochi on GCDA’s land. The space will include things like chat rooms, stages for conducting shows and plays, and advanced film screening rooms where film festivals can also be held,” said the director and director. of award-winning photography.

The National Arts and Culture Center and production house will transform Kochi into an arts hub attracting more tourists. Krishnamachari said opinions had been shared with GCDA officials regarding the proposal.

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