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Kerala State Institute of Children’s Literature builds home library – The New Indian Express


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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Every house should have a library. Taking this thinking forward, the Kerala Institute of Children’s Literature is launching ‘Veettil Oru Library’, a project which envisions the establishment of children’s home libraries.

To promote the concept, the government-run institute is offering a free book rack to anyone who purchases children’s books worth Rs 5,000 from the institute. Books can be chosen from hundreds of titles available. The customer also has the option of choosing a preferred design for the book shelf. The project can be used by anyone under the age of 18.

The almirah is in addition to the discount currently offered on the purchase of books in bulk. “We strive to promote reading among children,” says Palliyara Sreedharan, director of the institute.

“General reading has dropped dramatically among children. Whenever camps are held, children hardly recognize the authors. Through this program, they will be inspired to read more. They will want to add more books to their books. own library and become familiar with more authors and their work,” he says.

The central idea of ​​the project – soon to be launched statewide – is to bring children back to reading from the world of illusion created by digital gadgets, a change that could help shape their future. Now, a 20% discount is given to children who purchase books worth Rs 5,000 at a time.

The ‘Veettil Oru Library’ initiative will offer the rack with the discount. “As most of our books are priced under Rs 100, one can get more than 80 books for Rs 5,000. And the rack is big, not just the one that can hold the books we donate,” says Sreedharan.

In 2020-2021, the institute managed to sell books worth 2.5 crores, their record sales to date. “We hope to sell more books and bring more children into the reading fold,” says the institute’s director.

The Kerala State Institute of Children’s Literature is also about to launch another program called “Bala Prathibha Sangamam”. Camps will be held in the 14 districts from which five children will be selected. A final camp will be held for these 70 children and one of them will be named the “Bala Prathibha” of the state.

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