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Kashmir: Center must treat people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh equally: Omar | India News

JAMMU: National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Thursday accused the BJP-led Center of treating the people of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir “differently” when it comes to protecting their lands and reserving land. ‘jobs and scholarships, and demanded equal treatment.
The former chief minister also said that the leaders of the NC and its workers were killed in bombings and attacks because they were not ready to deceive and speak out against their country and to support gun culture.
“We are not asking for anything except justice with us (the people of Jammu and Kashmir). When we were told that the purpose of repealing section 370 on August 5, 2019, is that there will have an order (system) through the Why are there two separate orders for a state, “he said at a public rally in Ramban district.
Abdullah questioned J&K’s denial of children’s rights at the same level as Ladakh and said that there are two separate sets of laws subject to the state for the two Union Territories.
“Do not give our children the rights accorded to the children of Ladakh. Whether there is a reservation of jobs for the children of Ladakh in accordance with state laws – If the lands of the Kargil people are protected by state laws – If their scholarships and voting rights have been protected according to the old laws subject to the state of section 370, why don’t we have such laws here? ” he said.
Abdullah said the only reality is that two Union Territories were formed on August 5, 2019 from Jammu and Kashmir.
“Works contracts go to outsiders – mineral extractions go to outsiders – land purchase rights granted to foreigners and foreigners have the right to apply for jobs here (JK). We are not asking for anything. We demand justice with us, ”he said.
Refuting the BJP’s claims of widespread development and progress in Jammu and Kashmir after August 2019, he said the promised dawn of development, youth jobs and much-vaunted investments remain a distant dream.
“Far from putting the region on the path to development, the waiver of power liquidated the hard-earned dividends of previous CN-led governments by bridging the gulf between people and government. We are fighting to bridge this gap by fighting for the restoration of their abbreviated constitutional rights, ”he said.
The former chief minister alleged that the dispensation from power at the Center views Muslims in the country and Jammu and Kashmir with deep suspicion. While searching, he declared that the inhabitants of Jammu-and-Kashmir, in particular the executives of the NC, were coherent in their faith in the Constitution. “We have our connection to the country and the party has made supreme sacrifices to defend it. We in North Carolina have supported the bodies of our colleagues and workers who have given their lives to protect this link,” a- he declared. Abdullah said instead, “We are laughed at and ridiculed as anti-nationals”. He declared that the NC had made enormous sacrifices for the link of J&K with India.
“Relations made possible by promises made in Jammu and Kashmir and later covered by the Constitution. Under section 370, it had to be protected. What are we talking about wrong? the people of Jammu and Kashmir have benefited, be it land for cultivators, rehbari-e-taleem, Roshni (projects), ”Abdullah said.
He said that NC will not stop in its fight against the politics of division and for the right to employment and to peace.
“We will not stop fighting your fight. We will never tire of it. Whether it is a question of employing your children or fraternity or peace or for progress in this field. With this hope we will meet again very soon. “, did he declare.
He said it is not an easy battle (for the restoration of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. “Being successful is not always easy. We want people to support us in this fight. Some people are not suitable for that. We do not have much hope for them, “he said.
“Because we have the hope of certain major parties that they will support us. Section 370 is not the treasury of Jammu and Kashmir. 370 is not the property of NC. If it is a property, it is the property of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, “he said, seeking the support of Congress.
He said that the NC hopes that the right-thinking people and parties of Jammu and Kashmir will support the NC.

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