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Kanivu 108 ambulances to assist 5.02 lakh people

Kanivu 108 ambulances have carried out 5.02 lakh rides in the state so far, Health Minister Veena George said.

Kanivu 108 is a free emergency ambulance service that is part of the state government’s Comprehensive Trauma Care Project.

Kanivu 108 ambulances and staff have been at the forefront of the government’s COVID-19 response activities since the start of the first wave of the pandemic. Ambulances alone have carried out 3.44 lakh of COVID-related trips so far.

A female pilot has been named for the first time in a 108 ambulance as part of International Women’s Day. Steps are underway to appoint female ambulance pilots in all districts, the minister said.

Of the total emergency trips made by Kanivu 108 ambulances, the maximum was for cardiac treatment – 27,908. Next came trips made to move those injured in road accidents: 24,443. trips were also made for other injuries (20,788); respiratory problems (16,272); abdominal pain (13,582); stroke (8,616); convulsions (fits) (5,783); pregnancy-related emergencies (5,733); treatment for poisoning (5,355); fever (3,806); diabetes-related issues (3,212); Nipah-related trips (79); and other emergencies (22,583) over the past 30 months.

Fifty-three women also delivered babies by Kanivu ambulance staff. The maximum number of trips made by Kanivu 108 was in Thiruvananthapuram district – 69,974. The least was in Idukki – 15,002. The trips made in Kollam were 35,814; Pathanamthitta 24,534; Alappuzha 40,039; Kottayam 32,758; Ernakulam 37,829; Thrissur 38,929; Palakkad 52,404; Malappuram 44,365; Kozhikode 37,037; Wayanad 18,920; Kanur 33,036; and Kasaragod 21,876.

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