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#KamSeKaamBanega: Maruti Suzuki People Technology is here to help you drive more and spend less on fuel, here’s how

Have you ever wished for a life where you could accomplish more with less? For example – more work in less time, more profits with less investment, more shopping with less sweeping? Well, that level of efficiency might not always be possible in the real world, but when it comes to cars, less could definitely be more – thanks to Maruti Suzuki!

For a very long time, the “less is more” philosophy was not something that could be linked to cars. That was until car enthusiasts began to look to smart, minimalist design, smart technology, and sustainable mobility that changed the automotive market forever. Today, “less is more” is the dominant tone in the automotive market, which has a lot to do with technology, engineering and the environment. Spearheading this transformation in India is Maruti Suzuki who brought us his People technology to improve our daily lives and help us do more with less. How can you ask!

Maruti Suzuki automotive technologies have always placed the end user at the heart of innovation. With a host of innovations such as S-CNG technology, K-series engines, Smart Hybrid technology and the HEARTECT platform, Maruti Suzuki has brought us fuel-efficient cars that not only deliver maximum mileage, but also the best of security features. Adhering to the #KamSeKaamBanega philosophy, Maruti Suzuki cars are equipped with the right features to make them fuel efficient and allow users to drive more while being environmentally friendly and connected.

ET examines the pillars of Maruti Suzuki’s People technology that help it design vehicles that are fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and connected!

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Equipped with all this and more, Maruti Suzuki has constantly strived to improve the daily experience of driving and owning a car. Whether it’s delivering top-notch performance, being environmentally friendly, or maximizing fuel efficiency and mileage, Maruti Suzuki has reinvented everyday life and buyers’ expectations of screw their cars. This is why Maruti Suzuki calls it “People Technology”.

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