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“It’s an effigy. They were real people’: Swara Bhasker on the hustle and bustle of the row of the prophet | Latest India News

Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker commented on the Prophet’s line and the protests over it and said it was a trap to ‘provoke the oppressed to acts of violence’. Responding to a tweet by former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad criticizing the hanging of an effigy of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, Swara Bhasker said that although it is an effigy, real people have been burned to death in the country. “Our horror should not be based on identity,” the actor wrote condemning violence in all its forms. Also Read: The Mafia Bulldozer Will Continue, CM Yogi Swears the Day After Protests Erupt Over Prophet’s Remarks

“I hope all of us sane people feel the same horror at beef lynchings and when a poor migrant worker was burned to death on suspicion of so-called love jehad in Rajasamand, Rajasthan. This is an effigy, they were real people,” Swara Bhasker tweeted.

Violence erupts again in Bengal following Prophet’s remarks, CM transfers 2 top cops

On Friday, protests erupted in several parts of India demanding the arrest of Nupur Sharma over his controversial comment on the Prophet, which became an international issue after several Muslim nations criticized Nupur Sharma’s remark which was part of a live televised debate. The BJP suspended Nupur Sharma from senior party members and the government dismissed his opinion as a “fringe element”.

During a protest against Nupur Sharma on Friday, his effigy was hanged on Fort Road in Belagavi, Karnataka, sparking criticism. The effigy was later removed by the police after being informed.

It was against this backdrop that former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad tweeted his disbelief and disapproval at such protests. “I just can’t believe this is 21st century India. I urge everyone to put politics aside and let common sense prevail. This is just too much,” Venkatesh tweeted. .

Although Swara Bhasker condemned the violence, she also referenced the beef lynching incidents in her response.

“Violence…in addition to being evil, only discredits the most just and worthwhile causes. Violence is an inhumane, unethical and evil political strategy. And no one has understood it better than Mahatma Gandhi. Provoking the oppressed to acts of violence is a trap. Don’t fall for the trap!!” Swara Bhasker tweeted.

Without naming Swara Bhasker, Venkatesh responded to the ‘whataboutery’ and said it was amazing. “News channels as well as vigilantes and storytellers are significant contributors to the pitiful situation. It is not just an effigy By the way, but a threat to more than one person in no uncertain terms,” said Venkatesh Prasad.

“And if whataboutery is the name of the game, then the list of hurtful feelings of the majority population is endless. When journalists, parliamentarians, major newspapers and so-called main actors mock Hindu gods, only Sanatan Dharam has shown tolerance time and time again,” the former cricketer tweeted.


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