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It is crucial to strengthen cooperation between developing countries

Experts from China and other BRICS member states gathered on Friday at a virtual seminar hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. They agreed that it is not only crucial but urgent to strengthen cooperation among developing countries in the face of global challenges.

Zhou Qiangwu, vice president of New Development Bank, pointed out in a speech that amid the geopolitical crisis and the pandemic, emerging economies are facing many challenges, including rising debts, exits from capital, increased financial risk, shrinking demand and a shortage of raw materials. Looking ahead, he said the New Development Bank will continue to unite BRICS members with other emerging economies, explore more multilateral trade and financial development models, and promote the common development of all countries. in development.

Lyu Gang, deputy director general of the Foreign Economic Relations Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, said the United States has recently deepened its own circles and allies, and the risk that the world is torn in two is to be feared. ascend. He stressed that emerging economies should increase their market resilience through cooperation.

During the seminar, the experts also discussed global governance in the future and agreed that global governance should be based on extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. They urged emerging economies to play a bigger role.

Joshua Thomas, former deputy director of the Northeast Regional Center of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, hailed China’s path to global governance, adding that it will be of great importance for strengthening the cooperation of emerging economies. In addition, participants also explored innovative approaches for cooperation among BRICS member states.

More than 40 experts and scholars from Tsinghua University and other institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and Indonesia attended the event.

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