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Iran begins transit cooperation with Central Asian countries


Yusef Jalali

Press TV, Tehran

A new public transport map is drawn here. Transport ministers from Iran and five Central Asian countries, including Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, are in Tehran to attend the first Transit Cooperation Summit.

To facilitate border traffic, participating countries agreed to digitize transit processes, facilitate embassy business and visa issuance, especially for transit drivers, and improve transit fares and fees.

Other countries, including Russia and Azerbaijan, are also expected to join the initiative. Iran is located in an important geostrategic region, connecting the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf in the south to the Caspian Sea in the north.

The country is already part of the International North-South Transport Corridor, which is a 7,200 km multimodal network of sea, rail and road routes for transporting goods between India, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia , Central Asia and Europe. .

This is a win-win for all sides of the market here. Central Asian landlocked states will not have to worry about access to the global transit network, and in doing so, Iran will turn into a transit hub, increasing its annual transport volume to more than 20 million tons.

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