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Inspiring! Maharashtra man organizes 1,800 km interstate march to raise awareness on various issues

A 25-year-old man from Narvan village of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra executed an 1,800 km interstate march to sensitize people on various issues prevailing in the current environment. Ashutosh Joshi started his journey on April 10 from his home village and stopped near Puri, Odisha, covering nearly 4-5 states. The issues he discussed with people on his way to Puri include farmer suicides, water shortages and an increase in the use of plastic.

En route to Odisha, Joshi held numerous meetings and discussions with farmers, localities and others on issues ranging from global warming to water scarcity. He mentioned, “I decided to travel on foot to raise awareness about these issues.” Joshi covered Solapur, Pandharpur, Chandrapur and Latur regions extensively before reaching the state of Odisha.

Impact on society

This long walk with a social message had a significant impact on people, especially those Joshi met on his way. He said: “I’ve already started to see individuals change their way of thinking, at least those I’ve met so far. From the start, I said that I don’t want to change any society, and I just want people to broaden their thinking and not be a slave to society’s ways of life. When communities work together, change is the natural result. »

Ashutosh Joshi completed his studies at the Model Art Institute in the Dadar district of Mumbai and at the Bharati Vidyapeeth in Pune. Later, he studied fine arts at an institute in England. He has worked in England, Spain and Scotland in nature and photography. Back in India, Joshi was in training for this 1,800 km journey. During his trip, he met sarpanch, villagers and many people.

“I had been studying in England for three years, observing the degradation of society through telephones and television. In India, the situation was even more difficult because people became extremely political and found themselves in a virtual world while forgetting their reality. I was reading a lot of Western and Eastern philosophers then, and walking was a common thread that linked all these people. To understand a country, you have to walk. So I decided to walk, “he added.

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