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Indian surgical strike could confront armed countries in N (PM)

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that if the fascist BJP government in India resorted to a surgical strike inside Pakistan, it would react in exactly the same way as in February 2019, and that could put both countries equipped with nuclear weapons face- face.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera (with Ola Al-Fares), which aired on Pakistani television on Saturday, he said: “Only fools can think of the two nuclear-weapon countries clashing. . India is very sensitive but is ruled by fanatics, ”he stressed.

Commenting on his government’s efforts to project the Kashmir issue, Prime Minister Imran said, “We have highlighted the Kashmir issue at the international level and will continue to do so, where human rights, Islamic Council resolution and UN resolutions are flouted ”.

He said that 8 million people (Kashmiri) lived in an open prison in occupied Indian Kashmir where 900,000 Indian soldiers kept them in the open prison. He added that “we have raised this issue in the United Nations, presented it to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and talked about it to Muslim countries, but if Muslim countries have their own relations with India , then we shouldn’t talk to anyone and can’t expect any positive response ”.

Prime Minister Imran said that after his mother’s death he turned to spirituality and changed direction. He said: “I have always believed that Pakistan should be a Madinah State-style welfare state. The State of Medina, formed by our Holy Prophet PBUH, was the first welfare state in the history of mankind ”.

He pointed out that the resolution adopted by the founders of Pakistan also had the same goal that the country should be a welfare state.

He said: “Our ruling elite is corrupt and unless it comes under the law the country has no future because when the prime minister and ministers start stealing money from the country, the country cannot afford it.

“My struggle in Pakistan is against the corrupt ruling elite who destroyed and pushed the country into debt.”

He said he started his movement because on the one hand he wanted to make Pakistan a welfare state and on the other hand there should be a rule of law. He said he wanted to fight corruption through the rule of law.

He said, “I know Western politics better than most people. My main opposition was to the war in Afghanistan because I think what they did in Afghanistan is crazy. No Afghans were involved in the 9/11 attacks, but they took control of the country for Osama bin Laden and a few hundred al-Qaida people, I don’t know what they wanted to do, if you were behind al-Qaida. Al-Qaeda was eliminated two years later ”.

“I have always been a critic of the war in Afghanistan, so I have been criticized. I am also critical of my government’s policy. It does not mean that I am against Pakistan, ”he added.

On the issue of making changes in the country 90 days after becoming Prime Minister, Imran Khan said: “I have always said that real corruption is done by the Prime Minister and the ministers, and that is what i said i end the corruption in 90 days. There is no corruption in government. If anyone says my ministers have committed corrupt practices, I will investigate them first. An important example of this is the Sugar Commission in which action was taken against those involved ”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there are two types of corruption; one is done by ministers and the prime minister and the other is done by lower level officials. Therefore, it took a long time to eradicate corruption in society. “The example of the Holy Prophet is before us. He was honest and trustworthy. He has always done justice. We must follow in his footsteps and take care of merit. It was not worth it, we decided on merit, ”he said.

Economically, he said, “We inherited budget deficits, inflation and debt from previous governments. If we reduced the costs to deal with it, the economy would be balanced. In the meantime, the coronavirus has spread to economies around the world and has affected the whole world, and we are the third country in the world to have succumbed to the global epidemic ”.

The prime minister said that Islamophobia has unfortunately spread due to the neglect of the leaders of Islamic countries. Terrorism has no religion, which is why Muslims all over the world are facing Islamophobia, adding: “We must work together to avoid Islamophobia, not only Imran Khan but everyone should work for it . When we make fun of our Prophet, we feel bad, it hurts. So when I addressed the General Assembly as Prime Minister, I said that it was not tolerable for us ”.

He said that people in our country love the Holy Prophet more and are ready to lay down their lives for the Prophet (pbuh). That is why we have decided that through the Rehmatul-lil-Alamin Authority, they should be trained to live according to the teachings of Prophet PBUH.

Regarding the situation in Afghanistan and its impact on Pakistan, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan is in a very difficult situation. He said the American people thought the United States was bringing democracy to Afghanistan, educating women there, but suddenly the Taliban took over Afghanistan and the Afghan army surrendered, this that shocked them. They are in a state of shock and are unable to make conscious decisions due to anger.

He said that Afghanistan was also suffering from an economic crisis and if they were not helped there would be a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan because of which Afghanistan would again be a victim of terrorism.

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