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India welcomes Prime Minister of Bangladesh and people during the inauguration of Padma Bridge

ZOOMBANGLA OFFICE: On the inauguration of the Padma Bridge by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the government and people of India convey their greetings and congratulations to the government and people of Bangladesh for the successful completion of this historic project.

“The completion of this long-awaited project is a testament to the courageous decisions and far-sighted leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” a statement released by the Indian High Commission said on Friday.

“This success vindicated the Prime Minister’s decisions as well as our conviction in this regard, as expressed by our unwavering support when Bangladesh decided to pursue the project on its own,” the statement read.

New Delhi said the Padma Bridge will not only help improve intra-Bangladesh connectivity but will also provide a much-needed boost to logistics and businesses linking India and our common sub-region.

This bridge will play an important role in promoting greater bilateral and sub-regional connectivity, the statement said.

“The people of India once again congratulate the brotherly people of Bangladesh on the momentous occasion of the inauguration of the Padma Bridge on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh,” he added.

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